Publication Scheme

Publication Scheme
Freedom of Information Act Policy (Hard Copy)
Access Agreement 2018-2019 (Hard Copy)

Welcome to Edge Hill University’s Publication Scheme.  The purpose of the scheme is to proactively ensure a significant amount of information is publicly available, without the need for the submission of FOI requests.

The Scheme is a guide to the information the University intends to publish routinely to comply with its obligation under the Freedom of Information Act.  Information is grouped into the following seven categories, as recommended by the Information Commissioner:

You have the right, under the Freedom of Information Act, to request any information held which has not already been made available through this publication scheme.  Whilst the University will endeavour to be as helpful as possible in providing access to information, the University reserves the right to make a charge to cover any costs incurred in providing information in alternative formats.  Requests have to be made in writing although it is to be noted that the University is not required to release information to which an exemption legitimately applies.

It is important that this publication scheme meets your needs.  Should you find the scheme difficult to understand or you are unhappy with the service that you have received please let us know. Any enquiries or requests relating to the Publication Scheme should be sent to [email protected].


The copyright in this publication scheme and its contents is reserved to Edge Hill University.

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