Facts and Figures


Full-time undergraduate students9,587
Full-time postgraduate students1,085
Edge Hill also has a number of distance learning, online, work-based learning and part-time students studying in a range of settings around the UK:
Part-time undergraduate students3,051
Part-time postgraduate students3,027


The University is rated a ‘good/excellent’ employer by 93% of staff

Key Performance Indicators

Year Ending 31 July20162015201420132012
Total income in £'000128,127123,935115,376108,54199,163
Surplus for re-investment in £'00021,63721,24717,89917,69313,036
Cash generated by activities in £'00031,69930,16522,76025,99016,131
Cash for investment £'00038,07329,02921,12732,35939,611
Financial worth of the University in £'000171,240162,796147,316108,34785,160
Applications for University FT UG programmes (1)19,76719,13318,93119,29618,867
Total number of students of the University (2)15,54316,17016,75018,48322,393
Percentage of staff who rate the University as a good or excellent employer (3)93%94%92%91%89%
Employee turnover (4)6.6%5.6%6.9%8.8%10.4%
Level of University staff absence3.6%3.2%3.4%3.4%3.0%
(1) Based on UCAS statistics
(2) Based on HESA Student Record
(3) From the University's independently scrutinised Staff Survey
(4) Based on establishment employees who left for any reason

Financial Report and Accounts

Full report and Accounts documents can be found here.

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