Continuing Professional Development Modules for Health and Social Care Practitioners


Our wide range of CPD modules below can be studied individually or as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate award.  Please note that this list does not imply that Post Qualification Learning funds through CPD Apply will be available.

Many modules start in September and February meaning that if you miss the September intake you do not always need to wait a year to begin studying.

You can use the academic calendar to view a summary of all the CPD modules we are currently offering.

NHS Health Education North West-Funded Modules

NHS Health Education North West funds Post-Qualification Learning for professional health and social care staff under their remit. Post-Qualification Learning follows a modular structure and a limited choice of modules can be studied on a stand alone basis or towards a post-qualification award.

Staff should contact their Line Manager and Trust Lead to discuss availability  and how to apply.  Please note that the CPD Apply NW application tool is no longer in operation.

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Please do not include the S1/S2 Suffix that is attached to your module code – for example to search for HEA3177S1A – please use HEA3177

Code Module level
CLINSUP 2 Day Clinical Supervision / Professional Support Programme (CLINSUP)
HEA4173 Advanced Practice for Independent Reviewing Officers HEA4173 7
HEA4002 Advanced Practice Project HEA4002 7
HEA4007 Advanced Respiratory Care Practice HEA4007 7
HEA3161 Advancing Practice (Dissertation Project) HEA3161 6
HEA4196 Advancing Practice Project - Clinical Practice HEA4196 7
CPD4455 Assessing and Learning and Evaluating Teaching CPD4455 7
HEA3033 Cardiothoracic Critical Care HEA3033 6
HEA4074 Clinical and Health Research Dissertation HEA4074 7
HEA4115 Clinical Andrology HEA4115 7
HEA4025_N20 Clinical Assessment and Diagnostics HEA4025_N20 7
CPD7010 Clinical Education Dissertation CPD7010 7
HEA4121 Clinical Examination and Diagnostics in Surgical Care Practice HEA4121 7
HEA3304 Clinical Examinations and Diagnostics HEA3304 6
HEA4157 Clinical Reproductive Medicine HEA4157 7
HEA4111 Clinical Reproductive Practice HEA4111 7
HEA4065 Clinical Research Part 1: Critical Appraisal of Published Research HEA4065 7
HEA4066 Clinical Research Part 2: Developing a Research Proposal HEA4066 7
HEA4076 Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Psychological Trauma HEA4076 7
BUS4525 Collaboration across Boundaries in Management BUS4525 7
HEA9055 Context of Advanced Practice HEA9055 7
HEA4172 Critical Thinking and Reasoning in Health and Social Care HEA4172 7
CPD4456 Delivering Teaching and Facilitating Learning Opportunities CPD4456 7
HEA3160 Designing and Implementing Intervention Programmes HEA3160 6
HEA4207 Developing a Business Case for Change and Innovation HEA4207 7
HEA3130 Developing Innovation in Practice HEA3130 6
HEA4241 Developing Practice Capability in Advanced Care HEA4241 7
HEA4081 Dissertation for Health and Social Care Professionals HEA4081 7
CPD7006 E-Learning in Clinical Education CPD7006 7
CPD7004 Educational Leadership in Health Settings CPD7004 7
HEA4113 Embryo Transfer HEA4113 7
HEA3240 Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Management for Critical Care Practitioners HEA3240 6
HEA3056 Enhanced Surgical Skills HEA3056 6
HEA4005 Enhancing Clinical Skills in the Childbearing Continuum HEA4005 7
HEA3179 Enhancing Paramedic Practice HEA3179 6
HEA3218 Ethical and Moral Dilemmas in Health HEA3218 6
HEA4195 Ethics, the Law and Decision-Making HEA4195 7
HEA3227 Examination of the Newborn HEA3227 6
HEA4094 Examination of the Newborn HEA4094 7
HEA4122 Generic Surgical Care Practice Skills HEA4122 7
CPD7007 Improving Practice in Clinical Education CPD7007 7
HEA3159 Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis HEA3159 6
HEA4029 Introduction to Clinical Supervision HEA4029 7
HEA4120 Introduction to Surgical Care Practice HEA4120 7
HEA4123 Leadership and Management in Surgical Care Practice HEA4123 7
HEA4037 Leadership Self Awareness and Self Empowerment HEA4037 7
HEA4038 Leading People through Change HEA4038 7
HEA3172 Management of Cardiothoracic Events within Critical Care HEA3172 6
HEA4178 Management of Frailty HEA4178 7
HEA3183 Management of the Patient in Anaesthetic Settings HEA3183 6
HEA3260 Management of the Patient in the Day Surgery Setting HEA3260 6
HEA3184 Management of the Patient in the Recovery Setting HEA3184 6
CPD4708 Managing and Developing Medical Education CPD4708 7
HEA3261 Managing and Leading in the Day Surgery Setting HEA3261 6
HEA3035 Managing End of Life Care HEA3035 6
HEA4117 Medical Leadership HEA4117 7
HEA9085 Mental Health Law and the Defensible Practice HEA9085 7
CPD7011 Mentoring and Coaching in Clinical Education CPD7011 7
HEA3177 Mentorship in Professional Practice HEA3177 6
HEA9087 Mentorship in Professional Practice HEA9087 7
HEA3065 Negotiated Learning HEA3065 6
HEA3066 Negotiated Learning HEA3066 6
HEA 3069 Negotiated Learning HEA3069 6
HEA3094 Negotiated Learning HEA3094 6
HEA4033 Negotiated Learning HEA4033 7
HEA4034 Negotiated Learning HEA4034 7
Negotiated Learning Modules for CPD Students
HEA4105 Non Medical Prescribing HEA4105 7
HEA790 Non-Medical Prescribing (V300) HEA790 6
HEA4114 Oocyte Retrieval HEA4114 7
HEA3131 Patient and Family Centred Cardiothoracic Care HEA3131 6
HEA3249 Perioperative Management of the Paediatric Patient HEA3249 6
HEA4179 Primary Care Work Based Learning HEA4179 7
HEA3243 Principles and Treatment of Personality Disorder HEA3243 6
HEA3245 Principles of Cardiothoracic Care HEA3245 6
HEA3099 Principles of Scrub and Circulating Practice HEA3099 6
HEA3187 Progressing Midwifery Clinical Skills in Childbirth HEA3187 6
HEA4220 Promoting Professionalism and Ethics in Multidisciplinary Practice HEA4220 7
CPD7001 Research and Clinical Education CPD7001 7
HEA3102 Research Methods HEA3102 6
HEA4444 Research Methods HEA4444 7
HEA4444 Research: The Development of a Research Proposal HEA4045 (Now HEA4444) 7
HEA3244 Return to Professional Practice HEA3244 6
HEA3250 Safe from Harm (Cardiothoracic Care) HEA3250 6
HEA4501 Safe from Harm HEA4501 7
HEA4159 Service Redesign in Integrative Care HEA4159 7
HEA4202 Step Three: Advanced Critical Care HEA4202 7
HEA4201 Step Two: Advanced Critical Care HEA4201 7
HEA4208 Strategic Clinical Leadership HEA4208 7
HEA3052 Student Centred Work Based Learning HEA3052 6
HEA_SFL Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice (Non-credit bearing) HEA_SFL 0
CPD4707 Supporting the Postgraduate Learner in the Medical Workplace CPD4707 7
HEA4163 Surgical Care Practice in Cardiothoracic Surgery HEA4163 7
HEA4161 Surgical Care Practice in General Surgery HEA4161 7
HEA4170 Surgical Care Practice in Gynaecology HEA4170 7
HEA4165 Surgical Care Practice in Neurosurgery HEA4165 7
HEA4169 Surgical Care Practice in Otorhinolaryngology HEA4169 7
HEA4166 Surgical Care Practice in Paediatric Surgery HEA4166 7
HEA4164 Surgical Care Practice in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery HEA4164 7
HEA4168 Surgical Care Practice in the Maxillofacial Surgery HEA4168 7
HEA4160 Surgical Care Practice in Trauma and Orthopaedics HEA4160 7
HEA4162 Surgical Care Practice in Urology HEA4162 7
HEA4167 Surgical Care Practice in Vascular Surgery HEA4167 7
HEA3055 Surgical First Assistance in Operative Procedures HEA3055 6
CPD4454 Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Context CPD4454 7
CPD4706 Teaching and Learning in the Medical Workplace CPD4706 7
CPD4010 Teaching, Learning & Simulation in the Clinical Context CPD4010 7
HEA3216 The Context of International Midwifery HEA3216 6
HEA4053 The Impact of Breastfeeding on Global Health HEA4053 7
HEA4209 The Role of the Manager within Health and Social Care HEA4209 7
HEA4219 Transforming End of Life Trajectories HEA4219 7
HEA4197 Transforming Integrated Palliative & End Of Life Care HEA4197 7
HEA4112 Ultrasound Scanning for Reproductive Practice HEA4112 7
CPD7009 Using Simulation to Support Clinical Learning CPD7009 7

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