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E-portfolio and Advanced Clinical Practice HEA4259


This non-credit bearing, compulsory module, runs longitudinally throughout the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) programme, embedding the spiral approach to learning in the workplace, revisiting and building on in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills in increasingly complex/challenging situations, with critical insight into self-limitations and scope of practice in the wider multidisciplinary team. The module directs the workplace learning (WPL), essential to the successful integration of theory to practice.

Module code:HEA4259
Module credits:0
Cost for new students:N/A Offered as part of the ACP pathway

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Who is this module for?

This is a non-credit bearing module that enhances the advanced clinical practice programme. This module has been aligned with the multi professional standards produced by Heath Education England’s (HEE) and supports student in developing a clinical portfolio to enable credentialing upon completion.

What are the key aims of the module?

The module aims to support and develop you to consistently demonstrate the core capabilities required of an advanced clinical practitioner defined in the multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice (HEE 2017).

How will I study?

Whilst this e-portfolio guides/shapes the learning journey for each individual, the 2017 HEE framework has an outcomes-based approach requiring consistent demonstration of core capabilities to achieve a pass for this module. You must be able to demonstrate that you have achieved a Masters degree that not only includes the required 180 credits at level 7 commensurate with the Standards for Education and Training and for HEE accreditation of an ACP programme, but can also evidence your successful completion of the core capabilities. This e-portfolio captures personal development and outcomes mapped to core capabilities, with evidence of successful achievement of the latter being a requirement to achieve a pass in this module.

What will I study?

This portfolio bridges the theory to practice interface and is crucial to evidencing that a student exiting with an MSc ACP has achieved the core capabilities defined by HEE 2017. The e-portfolio is embedded in the curriculum and is the vehicle for promoting and recording the experiences and formative assessment/feedback on WPL that allows practitioners to develop capabilities that are sustainable for changeability, improvability and responsiveness commensurate with the requirements of a qualified ACP. The approach moves away from terminal ‘snapshot’ WPL allowing for a broader approach to workplace, learning and assessment, promulgating a progressive approach to monitoring development through forging more structured, integrated links between WPL and formative and summative assessment, constructively aligned to the core capabilities defined in the domains of the four pillars of advanced practice.

How will I be assessed?

This e-portfolio serves both as a summative assessment, but importantly also as a formative, experiential piece of work that will inform the WPL and your training needs as you progress through the MSc programme. It will be an interactive repository that integrates theory with work-based learning, through formative feedback on a variety of different care episodes in a diverse range of settings, appropriate to each individuals scope of practice. Examples include virtual and in person consultation, supervised clinical practice, history taking, physical examination, initiating investigations, clinical decision making, communication, person-centred care, evidence based management plans, MDT meetings, out patient clinics, operating theatre.

Whilst review meetings will take place separately with your PAT/workplace supervisors, the tripartite arrangement between you and the PAT/CES will provide integrated monitoring of the e-portfolio throughout the programme. There will be regular review meetings where WPL, competence and capabilities development will be discussed. WPL plans will be adjusted to meet your WPL requirements to ensure that you are prepared for workplace assessment.

On successful completion you will:

The named award MSc Advanced Clinical Practice will be awarded on successful completion of all the core and optional modules totalling 180 credits at level 7 AND a PASS for the non-credit bearing module (HEA4259, e-portfolio for advanced clinical practice).

How to apply

Module availability varies from year to year and will be subject to minimum student numbers being achieved. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Due to the popularity of some modules it may be that the module is fully booked when your application is received. We will include your details on a waiting list and allocate you a place on the next available intake.

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This module is taken as a core module for the advance clinical practice (ACP) (direct entry and apprenticeships route), PGC/PGD/MSc Clinical Professional Development and other health programmes as appropriate.