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Sometimes, students encounter circumstances that make it difficult for them to successfully undertake their studies. Should this happen to you, we urge you to take advice and support from staff and not to undertake challenging times alone.

Supporting you

Five students chat while sat by the piazza on campus, with the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre visible behind them.

The Student Support team over in Student Services is here to support you.

If you’re finding things hard, the team can support you to stay on your programme with various methods of support – including the Wellbeing team.

Further support

We’ve got plenty of experienced members here at Academic Registry that are happy to chat. There are plenty of other teams and resources that can offer additional support.

Students’ Union Student Services

Your personal tutor is available to talk things through too, so don’t suffer in silence and reach out.

Considering your options

There are plenty of options to help you through difficult times:

Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances (EMC) Reassessment support Academic appeals

There’s tons of further information on the Academic Records pages that provide guidance on:

  • Interrupting your studies
  • Repeating a year
  • Changing modules
  • Transferring programmes
  • Transferring mode of study
  • Programme withdrawal
Academic Records

Get in touch

Academic Registry team

Find out exactly who to get in touch with for your queries