Academic Records

Things don’t always go to plan. There are many reasons why you might need to interrupt your studies, transfer, or withdraw from your course.

The Academic Records team can provide information, advice and guidance and discuss your options for course related issues. We are here to help and ensure you make an informed choice.  

Interrupting your studies

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If you experience serious personal, medical or financial issues during your study, you can apply to interrupt your studies for a specific period of time.

Interruption applies to exceptional circumstances only. You need approval from your Department and Academic Registry to interrupt your study – it isn’t an automatic right.

Before making any decisions you should always talk it through with your personal tutor or programme leader to ensure that you are making the right choice for you.

See the University’s full policy on interruption Submit an EMC EMC information

The next steps

Contacting the Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries team

Interruption application form

Students with visas

Important things to note


It is your responsibility to make sure that you are registered for the correct modules in accordance with your programme structure and you are advised to check your student record at the start of each semester, to ensure your record is correct.

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Use the online form to:

  • Change a module
  • Add a module
  • Remove a module
Complete the online form

Module changes

Correct modules

Module choices


Repeating a year of study

If you are a full-time student considering repeating the year, you should first seek advice from either your personal tutor, programme leader or head of department. This is important as they may be able to put in place local arrangements (such as extensions to assessment deadlines) or recommend the deferral of some assessment, which might mean that you are able to continue as planned.

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If you have decided repeating a year of study is the right option for you, you can submit a formal application.

To request a repeat year, or a repeat transfer form, email your relevant team.

Things to know

If you repeat the year you will be charged tuition fees for the repeat period so you may also like to talk to the Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries Team about funding.

Deadlines for Faculty of Arts and Sciences students

Deadlines for Faculty of Education students

Transferring course or mode of study

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If you’ve changed your mind about a module, a course or even your university, talk to us. We will support you with:

Transferring within the University

Transferring outside the University

Transferring into Edge Hill


Transferring programmes or mode of study

If you’d like to transfer to a different course, it may be possible.

You could study for a different award, change to a new specialism or an alternative course within your department. It’s also possible to transfer to a course in a different department.

It’s really important to research the course that you would like to transfer to make sure you meet the entry requirements for the course and level of study.


Please note



Transferring mode of study

To request a transfer form, please email your relevant records team

Withdrawing from your course

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We want our students to experience the highest quality teaching and learning while at Edge Hill University. However, sometimes students may face personal or programme-related difficulties that affect their ability to continue with their programme.

The Student Support Team over in Student Services are here to support you through your studies, working with other teams including:

  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion
  • Money Advice
Student Support team

If you are considering withdrawing from your programme, your personal tutor or Academic Records are available to provide information, advice and guidance on alternatives to programme withdrawal, such as taking time out or transferring to another programme or mode of study. There are also plenty of other services and support to help you.

Withdrawing and finances


Things to know

Don’t do it alone. We are here to support you. Contact your relevant records team for support.

Restarting your course

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If you are a Level 4 student and have not yet commenced Semester 2, Restart maybe an option for you.

You do not need to be experiencing difficulties to request a restart – you may still be adjusting to university life and decide you need a fresh start.

You can apply to restart the same programme the following academic year, or you can apply to a different programme of study. Restarting does not count as a repeat year under the Academic Regulations.

Restarting and finances

Is restarting an option?


Applying to restart

Approved applications

Carrying over credits

Rejected applications

Council tax exemption

you are able to apply for council tax exemption if you are studying on a full-time programme.

You will need to request a confirmation of student registration certificate. This will act as proof of your enrolment on your course and can be submitted to your local authority for council tax exemption.

Applying for council tax exemption

Advice for pregnant students

Please consider disclosing your pregnancy to your faculty as soon as possible, particularly where elements of your programme may present a risk to the health and safety of you or your baby.

At your earliest convenience, request a meeting with your Personal Tutor or other trusted member of staff to discuss the implications of your pregnancy for your course of study.

Your personal tutor or chosen member of staff will consider the implications of your pregnancy for the course of study and ensure that any appropriate maternity (and/or risk) assessments are completed.

Further support

Taking time out of your studies

Get in touch

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If you still have some questions, let us know. There are multiple teams to help you when making big decisions.

If you want to:

  • Interrupt your studies
  • Change a module
  • Repeat a year of your study
  • Transfer your programme or mode of study
  • Withdraw from a programme
  • Restart your programme

Get in touch with the Academic Records team.

Department specific teams