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Teams and services

Academic Registry provides plenty of support in lots of different areas. Take a look at what we do so you can point your query in the right direction.

Assessments and Awards

We offer support on:

  • examinations
  • EMCs
  • results and publication dates
  • reassessment
  • courseworks

Graduation and Certification

We offer support on:

  • graduation
  • transcripts
  • certificates

Academic Records

We offer support on:

  • interrupting your studies
  • transferring
  • repeating a year
  • withdrawal
  • module changes
  • term dates


We offer support on:

  • enrolment
  • references
  • course confirmation
  • council tax exemption
  • enrolment FAQs

Data Management and User Support

We offer support on:

  • contact details
  • personal details

Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

We offer support on:

  • fees
  • bursaries
  • scholarships
  • student opportunity fund

Space Management

We offer support on:

  • timetables
  • room bookings
  • week pattern


We offer support on:

  • apprenticeship compliance
  • aptem
  • due diligence requests
  • ILR data management

A-Z of services

Academic appealsStudent CasesAcademic Appeals
Academic calendarAcademic RecordsAcademic Calendar
Academic malpracticeStudent CasesAcademic malpractice
Academic regulationsAcademic Regulations
BursariesFees, Scholarships and BursariesBursaries
Classification regulations (results)Assessments and AwardsClassification regulations
Course confirmationEnrolmentCourse confirmation
Council Tax exemptionEnrolmentCouncil Tax Exemption
CourseworkAssessments and AwardsCoursework
CPD enrolmentEnrolmentCPD Enrolment
DifficultiesAcademic Records and Assessments and AwardsDifficulties
ExaminationsAssessments and Awards Examinations
Exceptional mitigating circumstancesAssessments and AwardsExceptional Mitigating Circumstances
FeesFees, Scholarships and BursariesFees
Fitness to practiseStudent Cases and Academic RecordsFitness to Practise
GraduationAssessments and AwardsGraduation
Interrupting your studies
Academic RecordsInterrupting your studies
ModuleAcademic RecordsModules
Repeat yearAcademic RecordsRepeat Year
Repeat year and transferring coursesAcademic RecordsRepeat Year & Transfer Courses
RestartAcademic RecordsRestart
Restart and TransferAcademic RecordsRestart and Transfer
Results and publishing datesAssessments and AwardsResults and publishing dates
Room bookings (students)Space ManagementRoom bookings (students)
Fees, Scholarships and BursariesScholarships
Timetables, dates, student calendarSpace ManagementStudent Calendar
Student Opportunity FundFees, Scholarships and BursariesStudent Opportunity Fund
Term datesAcademic RecordsTerm dates
Transfer arrangementsAcademic RecordsTransfer Arrangements
Updating your personal detailsData Management and User SupportUpdating your personal details
US Federal LoansFees, Scholarships and BursariesUS Federal Loans
WithdrawalAcademic RecordsWithdrawal