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Enrolment is a vital step to getting you on your way with your studies. Find out all you need to know.

Enrolment information

You must enrol before the start of your course to become a member of the University, activate your IT/Library account and release your student loan funds.

Stage one enrolment

If your status on UCAS Track was Unconditional Firm (UF) by this date, you will have received an email with everything you need in order to complete the process. If you do not receive this email please check your email spam folder and then contact [email protected].

You will provide some personal details and upload a suitable photograph for your University Student ID card (Unicard), as well as a copy of your identity document (ID).

See suitable forms of identification

Stage two enrolment

Final enrolment step (new students only)

Once you have submitted your stage one enrolment, and the Enrolment team have verified your photo and ID, you will be ready to complete stage two. We will send you a confirmation email with instructions to your Edge Hill email account (make sure you set this up before you get here).

It is essential that you complete stage two to confirm your attendance and release your student loan. You will need to do this when you first arrive on campus, this will either be for your induction or if you are living in halls, the day you move in.

Make sure you have completed all of the necessary steps to complete stage two:

  1. Complete stage one online
  2. Received your email confirmation of stage one completion
  3. Use the link in your confirmation email to login using your student ID number and password
  4. Log onto a campus PC or connect to the Eduroam wifi using your mobile device
You are not enrolled as an Edge Hill student until you have completed both stages of enrolment.

Stage two information

Continuing students

Students starting their first year again

What do I need to enrol?

Before you start the enrolment process, you will need:

  • A digital copy of your ID (either a photo or scanned copy)
  • A suitable head and shoulders profile picture of yourself. This will be used on your student record and printed on your Unicard

Once you have these, and you have received your enrolment invite email, you can complete the enrolment process. The email will contain a link to our enrolment portal, along with your username and temporary password. Simply log in and follow the onscreen instructions.

Once you have clicked through all the screens in the enrolment portal, uploaded your images and submitted your enrolment, we will then check that your ID and profile picture are suitable. If they are, we will authorise them and you will become fully enrolled.

Outstanding conditions

Enrolment identification requirements

A close up of a UK passport cover

It is essential that you provide us with suitable identification documents (ID) as part of your enrolment. During the enrolment process, there will be a step when you will be asked to upload your ID. 

Preferably, this will be a copy of your passport. But don’t worry if you don’t have one, as there are plenty of other identification alternatives we accept.

UK & IrelandOne of the following:

UK & Northern Ireland / Irish passport (preferred)
Naturalisation certificate
UK Photo Driving Licence (place of birth must be UK)
Original UK Birth Certificate
Original UK Adoption Certificate

(and original Marriage Certificate / Change of Name document if applicable – signed, dated and witnessed)
Other nationalsPassport

Uploading your identification

Students with visas

Arriving via E-gates

Your Unicard

New students at Edge Hill University receive a Unicard during their induction, or if you are living in halls, when you arrive on campus.

This card is your University identification and provides easy access to services across campuses. Please treat your Unicard with care so that you can use it for the duration of your programme.

Your Unicard enables you to:

  • Borrow items from any Edge Hill University Library
  • Have 24/7 access to PCs in the Catalyst

Misplaced or lost Unicards

Uploading your Unicard photo

A student smiling for their Unicard ID

When you are completing  stage one enrolment you will need to upload a photo of yourself. This will be used for identification purposes on your student ID card, known as your Unicard.

There is specific guidance to help make sure your photo is a perfect fit for your new Unicard. To avoid having to take lots of photos, make sure you adhere to these guidelines so you can grab your Unicard sooner.

Getting the right shot also ensures you won’t have any delays in your stage one of enrolment.

You’ll receive more detailed guidelines in the online enrolment guide that we send out to you.

Acceptable photos

Unacceptable photos

Acceptable photo sizing


If a prospective employer needs confirmation that you studied here, we can provide you with a reference.

Personal and Academic references requiring feedback on performance, attendance, integrity or course hours should be submitted to your personal tutor or course leader.

We can only provide general references confirming course dates and confirmation of registration. For more detailed references contact your department.

These must be accompanied with a third party reference consent form.

Faculty of Education references

Faculty of Arts and Sciences or Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine references

Council Tax exemption

Paperwork for a council tax bill with some pound coins and a small red plastic toy house on top

You are exempt from paying council tax if you are studying on a full-time programme.

To apply for exemption, you will need to request a Confirmation of Student Registration Certificate. You can do this through the student homepage:Log in to your student record

Click on ‘view record’

Click the orange ‘Click here for CSRC’ button

Once you have followed the steps a certificate will be emailed to your Edge Hill email account. This certificate will act as proof of your enrolment on your course and can be submitted to your Local Authority for Council Tax exemption.

Certificates are valid for one academic year only and you must reapply at the start of each term.

Please note, certificates will only be available from the first teaching week of term and this will differ depending on the term dates of your programme.

Course confirmation

A close up of a smart phone screen, focussing on the banking and education apps

If you need confirmation of your student status or term dates for a prospective employer, bank or other entity, you can request a Confirmation of Student Registration Certificate.

This certificate will act as proof that you are fully registered on your course and will be valid for the current academic year.

You can apply for a certificate through the student homepage:

  1. Log in to your student record
  2. Click on ‘view record’
  3. Click the orange ‘Click here for CSRC’ button
This option will only be available if you are a full-time student.

Part-time students

If you are a part-time student, request a course confirmation letter directly from the Enrolment team.

Let us know if you’d prefer to come pick it up in person, or if post works better for you.

Please include as much information as possible and send all requests from your Edge Hill email address.

Setting up your email

A persons hand hovering over an email key on a computer keyboard

It is essential that you set up your Edge Hill email account.

After your initial enrolment invite, all further messages from us will be sent to your Edge Hill email address.

Use the username and password you were sent in your enrolment invite to log in and set your email up.

You can then log in to check your emails through the student homepage by clicking the ‘Email’ icon.

We recommend that you check your Edge Hill Email account on a daily basis.

If your password doesn’t work when trying to log in, let the Catalyst team know and they will reset it for you.

Get your Edge Hill emails on your phone

Forwarding your emails


Parking on the Ormskirk campus is free of charge for eligible students and staff – all you’ll need is your permit clearly displayed.

There are often busier periods and events on campus, so the car park can get pretty full, so do bear this in mind when planning your journey to campus.

We encourage Sustainability at Edge Hill, so take some time to consider the alternative modes of transport where you can. As we’re big on sustainability, if you’re happy to carshare with other eligible students or staff, we’ll guarantee you a parking space.

Take a look at our Sustainability pages

There’s some local council owned parking facilities nearby too.

Parking permits

Permits do not guarantee a parking space

Permits must be displayed at all times when parking at Edge Hill and failure to display a valid permit may result in access to the car park being refused.

Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust currently charge for parking – please ensure that you pay and display when parking at Aintree.

There are currently no Edge Hill parking facilities at the Manchester campus.

Request a parking permit

CPD enrolment

All students who are studying towards a CPD programme or stand-alone module with the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine must enrol before they can start their course.

Find out more about CPD enrolment
Person typing on a laptop

Resetting your password

If you need help resetting your password, get in touch.

Three students sitting at a bank of computers whilst looking at the same laptop together. There are two students in the background sitting together and chatting, whilst also on laptops.

Getting in touch

The enrolment team are available if you have any questions.