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Most students will get through their university experience, without requiring any additional support or assistance. However, some students will encounter personal difficulties which impact upon their ability to engage with their studies or complete elements of their course on time. Depending on the nature of the difficulties, this impact might be short-lived or might exist for most, or all, of the duration of their course.

Supporting you

If you’re experiencing any difficulties with your course, we are here to help. Your Personal Tutor or department representative is your first point of contact for any queries or concerns you might have. They can advise you of your options and explain the different support services available to you.

Further support

The Student Support Team in Student Services can also support you to stay on your course with various methods of support – including Money Advice, Wellbeing, and Inclusion. The team are on hand if you would prefer to speak to someone outside your department regarding your options.

The Advice Team in the Student Union offers independent and confidential advice, encompassing everything from academic issues to disciplinary procedures.

Students’ Union Student Services

Considering your options

If you’re going through a difficult time during your studies, there are ways we can help you.

Withdrawing from or interrupting your studies may sometimes seem like a quick and easy solution to your problems, but it may not be the best option for you so it’s important that you consider all the alternatives available.

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