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Data Management and User Support

This team manages all course and module data. Find out about updating your details and we can support you.

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Key points to note

You are responsible for ensuring we hold the most up to date contact information and personal details about you, so let us know if anything has changed.

Update your contact details via the student homepage

Contact the team to update course or module data

Changing your contact details

You are responsible for making sure we have your most up to date personal details, including your:

  • name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • mobile number
  • personal email address

The University contacts you throughout your programme via telephone, email and SMS message and also posts important documents (such as your certification) to your home address.

There is a charge if duplicate documents are required due to out-of-date contact details.

Changing your personal details

When you enrol you must make sure the University has recorded your correct name. It is your responsibility to do this. If you spot an error in the recording of your name, let the Data Management team know immediately.

Edge Hill University has a duty to prevent fraud and therefore reserves the right to set specific requirements and procedures. The University therefore requires you to apply and enrol using the name on your passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate.

If you are a transgender student, your first contact point regarding what name appears on your student record is Kordel Dickinson. To begin the process, all you need to do is contact Kordel via email at to discuss your options. Please refer to our Support for Transgender Students  for further advice name change in our FAQs, and things you will need to consider if you decide to make a legal name change.

Changing your name during your studies

Timetable changes

Generally, timetable changes which are known in advance are issued by tutors during lectures and seminars, or through Blackboard.

We aim to keep timetable changes to a minimum but sometimes changes are unavoidable due to special events or planned staff absences. Occasionally, late room changes are notified by a note on the door of the original room.

You can keep an eye on up-to-date timetables on the student homepage

Student homepage

Short notice class cancellations

Class cancellations are rare.

If it is necessary to cancel a class at short notice, for example due to staff illness, we will contact you via your University email address or by telephone, using the contact information you gave us at enrolment.

Data collection notice information

Edge Hill University needs to collect, maintain and use personal data relating to you to allow us to process your application for study, register you as a student, to administer your course and to provide facilities during your time as a student.

Expiry of access to your network account

Shortly after completing your course, access to your network account will expire. This means that, after a brief grace period, you will no longer be able to access University services such as your email account, personal network storage or library services. It is important that you prepare for this by redirecting important emails and retrieving any files that you need. Once access has expired, it will not be possible to reinstate it.

If you have outstanding work to complete, access will remain until that work is completed and your studies end.

If you re-enrol onto another programme of study at the University, access to your network account will be reinstated automatically shortly before you enrol.

How we communicate with you

During your time at Edge Hill University we will communicate with you for a variety of reasons. Please make sure you regularly check all channels for any University notifications.

The student homepage is your main source of information for services, University policies and regulations, news and events. You can also access your University email here.

You are given an Edge Hill University email address at enrolment.

We use this email address to send general messages to all or large groups of students, for example for information on campus closures or changes to car parking arrangements.

Some tutors use University email addresses to communicate with seminar groups or personal tutees. The Students’ Union may also communicate with you using this address.

Please check your University email on a daily basis.

Learning Edge gives you access to the suite of University teaching and learning systems, including Blackboard, Turnitin and Qwickly.

Many tutors expect you to engage in some form of online learning, to take part in online discussion groups or to submit or access assessments via these portals.

Learning Edge systems include group messaging facilities which allow your tutor may message you with module information. 

Check Learning Edge regularly to keep up to date with messages.

Learning Edge

If you submitted a valid mobile phone number when your enrolled, we may communicate with you via text. 

Please make sure keep your contact details updated with any changes to your mobile number.

We will write to you from time to time, usually regarding official or formal matters where we require a response.  These matters include posting transcripts or final certification, so please make sure your address details are up to date. 

You may incur a charge if duplicate certification is required due to out of date address information in your student record.

Get in touch

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If you’ve got any questions about updating your details, or accessing your account, let us know.