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Repeat a year of study

If you are a full-time student experiencing serious personal, medical or financial issues, you may be able to apply to repeat the year on the same course, or repeat and transfer to a different course. You should seek advice from your Personal Tutor or department representative to ensure you have explored all other options first. If you repeat the year, it means you will undertake a full year or level of study as if for the first time, despite having previously sat part or all that year or level.

See the Repeat Year Policy

 Students will not be able to apply for a repeat/repeat transfer for the academic year 2022/23  the final deadline for applications has been passed.

FHSCM  students, January Cohorts please contact if you require repeat information.

Things to know

Finance and funding
Last date of engagement
Students with visas

Next steps

Application process
During interruption (students who interrupt to repeat)
Return to study

Contact the relevant team for further information and to obtain the repeat year application form.