BSc (Hons) Biology

Study life at its many levels, from molecules to ecosystems and beyond. You will develop knowledge of the full breadth of life, its mechanisms, and the many recent developments in the subject. Our degree also combines technical, analytical and communication skills.

BSc (Hons) Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the application of biological knowledge and techniques to address society’s problems. Its uses are only limited by human imagination. Primarily based upon an understanding of genetics, microbiology and attendant laboratory techniques, its applications spread well beyond these two disciplines, incorporating medicine, agriculture, food science, pollution control and environmental management.

BSc (Hons) Ecology and Conservation

This degree has been designed give you a solid grounding in the theories of the subjects, knowledge of a range of biodiversity and awareness of recent ecological advances. Introducing the essentials of ecology and macro-evolution, the programme examines techniques used in modern ecology allied to knowledge of biodiversity that enables you to undertake a detailed study of environmental problems and conservation.

BSc (Hons) Food Science

Food science is an expanding area of science that combines aspects of biology, chemistry and technology to examine how food is produced, processed, marketed and consumed allied to its effects on the human body. You will acquire expertise in laboratory skills and gain an understanding of the pressures and drivers of the food industry. Appealing to those with a passion for the subject, the programme embraces microbiology, food chemistry, nutrition, and product development.

BSc (Hons) Genetics

This rigorous and exciting degree enables you to explore the latest developments in genetics underpinned by the fundamentals of the discipline. You will receive a solid theoretical grounding, develop expertise using relevant technology and gain awareness of recent advances. The programme embraces molecular, cellular and population genetics, alongside the evolutionary implications of these areas. You will also hone your biological research skills and undertake extensive practical work.

BSc (Hons) Human Biology

This degree has been designed to combine the latest exciting developments underpinned with the rigour of the traditions of the subject. The programme will give you a solid theoretical grounding, expertise using relevant technology and awareness of recent advances. It will introduce you to the essentials of cellular, organ, tissue and systems biology, as well as provide you with an understanding of pathology and epidemiology.

BSc (Hons) Plant Science

Plants are fundamental to life on the planet. They are the source of the oxygen we breathe, the drugs that we develop and the food that we eat. An understanding of plants is therefore a major area of biology. This exciting degree will provide you with a solid theoretical grounding in the subject, building your expertise using relevant technology and ensuring consideration is given to recent advances. The programme encompasses plant diversity, evolutionary processes, taxonomy and physiology.

What Do Our Students Say?

"Excellent course, strongly recommended and would do it again"
"Excellent depth and breadth of knowledge given"
"Enjoyable subject, taught well"
"A fine course"