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Hand holding a conical glass flask containing blue liquid

Undergraduate Chemistry

Develop practical and problem-solving skills and enhance your conceptual understanding as you prepare for the world of chemistry. You’ll spend most of your time in our well-equipped laboratories where you’ll carry out experiments applicable to the real working environment.

When you’re not in the labs, you’ll be investigating the concepts through theory-based study. Or exploring the relationship between physical and biological sciences. Four fundamental pillars of chemistry will be explored throughout your study – organic, inorganic, physical and analytical.

You’ll be prepared for roles in a variety of fields when you graduate. You may choose to work in research and development or teaching. Perhaps you’ll enter a career in the pharmaceutical, environmental, food or chemical industries. Or maybe you’ll choose to further your studies.

With at least 100 hours of laboratory classes per year, you’ll be fully prepared for life after graduation.

Exploring areas like pharmaceuticals, modern materials or environmental matters, sessions will always relate to current developments in chemistry and your employability.

You’ll get the opportunity to spend 12 weeks undertaking your own research investigation or invention. 

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Chemistry students have access to our BioSciences building that incorporates impressive, modern laboratories, offering exciting and highly relevant practical experience in some of the best equipped facilities in the country.

You will also have access to our soon to be completed Life Sciences building.