Room Bookings FAQs

What is a module booking and how do I make one?

This is a timetabled teaching booking for an academic subject module. Requests are submitted by departments in spring and we aim to release provisional module and course schedules in August.

If your module’s requirements have changed, please email us at [email protected] as soon as possible. The sooner we find out about the changes, the more likely we will be able to accommodate them.

How can I check the rooms booked for a module?

We aim to release provisional module and course schedules in August for the entire academic year.

You can check the online Student Calendar, which syncs live with Celcat. You can search by module, course or room, or you can log in and view your bookings. If you are viewing on your smartphone, we recommend rotating your screen into landscape mode for the best functionality.

Alternatively, you can download a list (.csv format) from the Celcat Data Warehouse. Here are some instructions.

Instructions on how to download a list of your bookings

How do I know where a room is on campus?

Buildings can be identified by the room number prefix as follows:

CECreative Edge
CSSCClinical Skills Simulation Centre (Formerly LINC)
FoELFaculty of Education Lakeside (Formerly E)
FoEPFaculty of Education Piazza
HHealth and Social Care
HubMain (upstairs – above hot food counter)
LPLaw & Psychology
MMain (upstairs – above Main Reception)
PAPerforming Arts
SCSports Centre
THTech Hub
WWilson Centre
Ormskirk campus map

Can I book practical sport spaces?

Up until the end of the second week of teaching in each semester, you can book these spaces with us (via email). After this, we hand over control to Edge Hill Sport and you can contact them to make or amend bookings.

For 2021/22, the semester one date was Friday 15 October 2021 and the semester two date will be Friday 4 February 2021.

Ad-hoc room bookings

What is an ad-hoc room booking and how do I make one?

An ad hoc booking is a non-teaching request. Usually it’s a one-off meeting, interview or other event.

The online room booking system is currently available for ad-hoc bookings up to 30 days ahead.

How to make a room request in Celcat

This is just for one-off bookings taking place Monday-Friday 8:00-18:00. If you require a room outside of this time frame or for recurring bookings, please email us.

STUDENTS: Please contact your personal tutor, module leader or the Student Union and ask them to make a request on your behalf.

How long does it take to receive booking confirmation? Can I book a room for today?

Confirmation times vary throughout the academic year.

In September, October, January and February, the teaching timetable is still in flux and for this reason, we cannot confirm any ad hoc requests in advance. However, we regularly check pending requests and will be in touch at least seven days before to confirm availability.

During the rest of the year, we can confirm requests with more notice and we check the online system several times a day for new requests.

If you have not received confirmation but need it urgently, please email us and we will advise accordingly. You can also call us on 6479 or 7910.

How do I amend or cancel my booking?

It is very important to keep our records up to date to prevent unused rooms when other colleagues might need a space.

Please email us with your amendments and cancellations as soon as possible and we will update your booking accordingly.

Alternatively, you can cancel a booking made online through Celcat, but it is not very obvious. You just need to remember to select ‘Retain Events’ instead of ‘Delete Events’. You will receive an email to confirm your request to cancel and another once the team has processed your cancellation.

How to make a room request in Celcat

Can I make multiple ad-hoc requests? Can I book rooms in the evening or at the weekend?

Yes, but please email us regarding such requests (instead of using the Room Booker in Celcat).

For evening or weekend booking, it is important to contact Campus Security on (01695 58) 4227 to ensure they are aware of your booking and the building/room is kept open for you.

My meeting has changed rooms – how do I find out where it is?

Please check any emails you receive from us carefully as sometimes we need to make changes to accommodate teaching.

If you still unable to locate your meeting, please email or call us (7910/6479)

Can I book a room as an external party?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact our Conferences team to inquire about room hire fees and to make a booking – 01695 584686 / [email protected] 

Online room booker

How do I use the Room Booking Wizard on Celcat?

The Room Booking Wizard is a useful tool within Celcat and you can use it to check availability across the university. If you need any help or do not have access, email us.

How to make a room request in Celcat

Why has my request been changed or rejected?

Sometimes the room you requested has been booked for a last-minute teaching request. We will always try to find you a similar room available at the same times, but this is not always possible.

For this reason, please always read the confirmation emails from us carefully.

If your request was rejected, email us and we will let you know about any alternatives availability.

Why does the Room Booker only allow me to make a request so many days in advance?

We put a time restriction on the Room Booker throughout semester one and at the beginning of semester two, as teaching timetables often change.

If you have a request out of this time frame, please email us. We deal with all requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why have I not received confirmation yet?

We try to confirm requests at least seven days in advance. If it is less than seven days to your event or you require confirmation urgently, please email us.

In some cases, it may be due to a typo in the email address entered into the Room Booker. To avoid this in the future, you can save your details in Celcat.

How to make a room request in Celcat

Why are some rooms not available through the online Room Booker?

Specialist spaces, such as labs and practical sport spaces, are not available to book as it is unlikely that they will be needed for an ad-hoc booking. We also remove spaces and buildings that are undergoing renovation.

If you require one of these spaces, email us and we will provide the latest advice.

There are also several rooms that are not on Celcat at all – these include:

  • The Staff Training Suite (JD13) in the Main Building – please contact HR
  • The FAS Boardroom in Law & Psychology – please contact the FAS Faculty Office
  • Any rooms in the Catalyst Building – please contact the Catalyst Enquiries Team
  • The Garden Restaurant in the Health Building, Hale Hall or Sages in the Main Building – please contact the Main Reception Team

Other FAQs

There’s been a double booking. What should I do?

The system does not allow a room to be booked twice.  In most cases, one of the parties has misread their confirmation email. If two parties think they have booked the same room, you can check the printed room timetables on the door or online timetables on Student Calendar or contact our team via email or by phone (6479/7910).

What if my room is locked?

Contact Campus Security on (01695 58) 4227.

The room was not in acceptable condition, what can I do?

Contact Facilities Management (Helpdesk 4455).

Can I change the room layout?

Yes, but please return the room to how you found it, as other people might be booked in there directly after you.

If you require any assistance moving furniture, please contact Facilities Management (Helpdesk 4455).

The room I wanted was booked but no-one was using it. Why is this?

It’s likely that the room was no longer needed but the booking was not cancelled. Please remember to cancel rooms you do not need so that other colleagues can make use of them.

How can I book additional equipment?

Contact Equipment Bookings on (01695 58) 4286

How do I book hospitality for my meeting?

You can book hospitality via MyFM. You can get a brochure from the main reception team.

Please note FM use a different indexing system for rooms – find a reference list online.

Please note food and drink is not allowed in lecture theatres or IT rooms.

I have tried to log a job with FM, but I do not know the CAFM index for the room. Do you have a reference list?

If you have any questions, please contact the FM Helpdesk, either by email or by phone (4455).

If you have any questions, please email our team on [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.