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Room Bookings FAQs

Academic room bookings

What is a module booking?
How do I know where a room is on campus?
Can I book practical sport spaces?

Ad-hoc room bookings

How do I make an ad-hoc room booking?
How do I amend or cancel my booking?
My meeting has changed rooms – how do I find out where it is?
Can I book a room as an external party?

Online room booker

How do I use the Room Booking Wizard on Celcat?
Why has my request been changed or rejected?
Why are some rooms not available through the online room booker?

Other FAQs

There’s been a double booking. What should I do?
What if my room is locked?
The room was not in acceptable condition, what can I do?
Can I change the room layout?
The room I wanted was booked but no-one was using it. Why is this?
How can I book additional equipment?
How do I book hospitality for my meeting?
I have tried to log a job with FM, but I do not know the CAFM index for the room. Do you have a reference list?