Requests for hospitality can only be made through Reception, by completion of an Online Hospitality Requisition Form.

A correctly completed and appropriately authorised Online Hospitality Requisition Form must be received at least:

  • 4 hours’ notice for beverages.
  • 1 clear working day before the event for sandwich lunches
  • 3 clear working days before the event for Finger Buffet Lunches and Garden Restaurant Lunches
  • 7 clear working days Special Event Menus, Corporate Menus and weekend bookings need ’ notice plus authorisation from the Food & Beverage Manager or Officer as surcharges may have to be applied.

What you need to do

  • Make sure you have booked a room with “Space Management”
  • Choose menu options Hospitality Brochure


Hospitality Brochure
Hospitality Terms