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External Candidates

This information is for you if a recent assessment board has confirmed that you must complete outstanding assessment as an external candidate for the upcoming academic year.

Due to the amount of assessment you have outstanding, unfortunately you cannot enrol onto the next level of study as scheduled.  The board has agreed that you should be registered as an external candidate to complete the outstanding assessment that you have not yet passed. Your online academic transcript provides full details of those assessments and can be viewed via the results page.

If you successfully complete your outstanding modules during the next academic session, you will be able to enrol onto the next level of study as a full-time student for the following academic session.

What does external candidate status mean for me?
How will I be assessed?
How does this impact on my finances?
Do I need to enrol for my External Candidate year?
Eligibility for council tax exemption
Overseas Students
When do I get my end of year results?