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Results publication

Results are published throughout the year according to when students are due to be assessed for Progression or the final Award. A full schedule of results publication dates can be accessed at Results Publication Schedule.

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If your results are due to have been published, you should now be able to access them via this page. If you results are scheduled to be available but they are not displayed then please contact a member of the Assessment Team.

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Information about viewing your results (Academic Transcript)

When you view your results, you should first consult the ‘overall recommendation for level’ to ascertain your overall status. Your overall recommendation can be found at the bottom of your Academic Transcript and in all cases this supersedes your module level results. It is therefore essential that you are aware of and understand your overall status before you consult your module level information. A results explanation page, which provides full details of your overall position, is incorporated to your results.

All module marks are accompanied by a coded recommendation to indicate whether you have passed the module or not. A full explanation of the coded recommendations is included with your results.

Modules with a coded recommendation that starts with the letter P have been passed and no further work is required for these modules. Module recommendations that start with the letter R or D have not yet been passed. If you have been permitted to continue with your programme you must undertake further work in order to complete the module(s). You can ascertain which elements of the module you have to complete by viewing the second page of your transcript – students are required to complete reassessment/deferred assessment for all elements with a mark under 40%.

If your results page indicates that you have assessment to complete support is available from your Department.

Further information can be found online

Any final year student who has been awarded a condoned pass (noted as ‘PC’ on your results page) who wishes to undertake reassessment should contact the Assessment Team in Academic Registry for advice. Please note students with a code of ‘PC’ who wish to instead undertake reassessment are only eligible to do so if it can potentially improve their final classification. Any requests of this nature should be made in writing to Academic Registry within 10 working days of their results being published.

If you require any additional guidance or advice, please contact a member of the assessment team.

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