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Continuing student enrolment form

Please use this form to enrol on your course for the current academic year.

Please note, you should only use this form if we have instructed you to due to special circumstances. All students should enrol using the online enrolment portal.

Please read the declaration below the form before submitting.
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Edge Hill University – Online Enrolment & Re-Enrolment Services Declaration (2022/23 Academic Year)

The University sent you information about the terms and conditions of your contract with the University when we made you an offer of a place on a course.  As you are now confirming your enrolment to that course, we now ask you to declare your commitment to the terms and conditions that you will be bound by

Complying with rules and regulations

  1. I understand that when I accept any offer of a place at Edge Hill University (the University), I am agreeing to comply with the requirements of the University’s Regulations, Rules, Codes, Conditions, Policies and Procedures which apply to all students.
  2. I understand that all relevant Regulations, Rules, Codes, Conditions, Policies and Procedures are available via the student homepage.

Data sharing

  1. I have read and understood the contents of the Student Data Collection Notice and I permit Edge Hill University, the Government or their respective agents to check the accuracy of personal information I provide against external data sources.

Payment of tuition fees

  1. I accept full responsibility for payment of all tuition fees associated with my course, regardless of third party sponsorship or external funding, and I agree to pay tuition fees by the payment dates published by the University.
  2. I understand that if I withdraw from my course, or suspend my studies temporarily, I may be liable for a fee in accordance with the University’s Withdrawal/Intercalation Tuition Fees Policy.
  3. I understand that non-payment of fees could result in my registration being reviewed and referral of debt to an external debt collection agency.

International students

  1. I understand and accept that the University reserves the right to inform the UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) if I stop attending classes.
  2. I agree to inform Academic Registry immediately if there is any change relating to my immigration status or attendance and registration at the University.
  3. I accept that for the duration of my course, my status will remain as ‘overseas’ for the purposes of tuition fees unless:
    1. my fee status is changed in accordance with guidelines issued by the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) or
    2. there has been an error in assessing my fee status.
  4. I agree to the University reserving its right to amend my tuition fees accordingly.

Legal status of the contract

  1. I understand that by enrolling onto the programme of study I am entering into a legally binding contract.
  2. I certify the details that I am submitting are correct.

Data Statement

We are committed to ensuring compliance with current data protection legislation. We confirm that all data collected is used fairly, stored safely and is not disclosed to any other person unlawfully. Edge Hill is a data controller and, in some instances, may process this data.

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