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UniSkills Campaigns

Explore our year-round UniSkills campaigns to enhance your academic journey at Edge Hill. From pre-arrival prep to acing your exams, we’ve got something for everyone!

#FindYourFeet: An introduction to Library and academic skills (UniSkills) support at Edge Hill University!

Join your Student Advisors for a week of introductory exploration and explanation of the support available from Library and Learning Services, with a particular focus on academic skills support. These sessions are great for all new students or anyone wanting a refresher ahead of the new term!  

Your friendly and knowledgeable Student Advisors will take you on a guided tour of: 

#FindYourFeet with UniSkills.

#FindYourFeet will return in autumn 2024

Take your #NextSteps to academic success with UniSkills!

Join your team of friendly and knowledgeable Student Advisors as they return to help you take your #NextSteps to academic success.

Discover how to get the most out of your library resources, develop your referencing skills and polish up your assignments ahead of submission with lots of tried and tested proofreading tips, tools and strategies.

Whether you’re a fresh face on campus or returning for another term, join us for a week of fun-filled sessions designed to boost your confidence and productivity. You can even bring along your own questions and we’ll help bust the jargon together to ensure you’re set for academic success!

#NextSteps with UniSkills.

#NextSteps will return in autumn 2024

#NextSteps 4 to 8 March 2024
The aim of Next Steps

Study Happy Week is here to help you explore and develop a healthy and happy study-life balance.

Study Happy Week is an annual campaign, which runs the end of October (sometimes sneaking into early November) as your busy welcome and induction period comes to an end and you’re starting to settle into University life. We know this can be an overwhelming time of year, particularly for those who are new or returning to Higher Education (HE) study.

Perhaps you are starting to research and write your first assignment, or even embarking on topic exploration for your final dissertation or research project. Whatever stage you are at it is never too late to study healthier and happier!

A cartoon person with long hair, sat cross legged reading a book with autumn leaves blowing around their head and a take away coffee cup, apple, guitar and cat around their feet. The text reads: Study Happy Week. Find a study-life balance that works for you with UniSkills.

Study Happy Week will return in autumn 2024

Study Happy Week | 30 October to 3 November 2023
The aim of Study Happy Week

#SleighYourStudies and snowball your academic successes this winter!

Sleigh Your Studies is our annual campaign, that runs throughout December, to help you skate through the snowstorm of assignment deadlines and winter assessments.

Throughout the month we’ll share frost-tastic tips, tools, resources and an avalanche of support to keep you motivated, spread some cheer and help make your season a flurry of academic triumphs!

Bundle up with UniSkills and sleigh your way to the winter break!

Sleigh Your Studies and snowball your academic success this winter.

#SleighYourStudies will return in December 2024

#SleighYourStudies | December 2023
The aim of #SleighYourStudies

Start strong, shine bright and plan for success with New Year, New UniSkills!

January can often feel like the bleakest month of the year, as the twinkly lights begin to disappear don’t let your motivation fade along with them. UniSkills will be waiting on the other side of your winter break to welcome you back and prepare for the year ahead.

Whether you’ve upcoming assessments, deadlines, dissertations or just feel overwhelmed by everything you want to achieve this year – UniSkills has something for you! So join us this January to get a head start on your studies and make this your best year yet!

Rediscover your study spark with New Year, New UniSkills!

A cartoon image split into four panels. The first is purple with the word UniSkills on it and cartoon person stood with a bag on their shoulder. The second panel is gold and has the dates 2-5 Jan written on it and a person stood with their hands on their hips. The third panel is grey and reads 2024 and has a person carrying a stack of books. The final panel is white and reads New Year, New UniSkills. Prep for success with UniSkills.

New Year, New UniSkills will return in January 2025

New Year, New UniSkills | 2 to 5 January 2024
The aim of New Year, New UniSkills

Get set for academic success with
Ready, Set, Revise!

We understand that exams and assessments can be a particularly stressful part of your studies, which is why we’ve designed a package of support to help you keep calm, get collected and prepare for academic success.

Ready, Set, Revise is our biannual campaign ahead of your core assessment periods each spring and summer. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your revision strategies, perfect your exam techniques or foster more positive study habits UniSkills can help you navigate your assessments with confidence.

Get ready for an assessment season of success with Ready, Set, Revise!

A cartoon person crossing the finishing line and running through a UniSkills ribbon at the end of a race. Text over the top reads: Ready, Set, Revise! Join UniSkills for workshops, revision tips, online support and more!

#ReadySetRevise will return Monday 15 April 2024

Ready, Set, Revise | 15 to 26 April 2024
Useful Blogs
The aim of Ready, Set, Revise


Library and Learning Services often run fun competitions and/or offer prize draw incentives when seeking feedback on our services and support throughout the academic year. We promote the more fun competitions through our social channels, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, and any invitations to provide feedback tend to be sent via your email.

The information in the drop-down boxes below outline the terms and conditions for each competition and/or prize draw and when you enter any of these initiatives you are agreeing to play by these rules. So, you can think of this page as the rulebook for all the fun stuff!

Ready, Set, Revise
UniSkills Feedback Fortnight
UniSkills Workshops
Returning to Learning
UniSkills Toolkits
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