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Exam preparation

Exams can be a crucial part of university life and is one of the more common types of assessment used to measure your progress, often playing a meaningful role in determining your overall final grade. Think of your exams as important checkpoints that assess how well you’ve understood your module and how far you’ve come in your studies. In the information on this page you’ll find comprehensive guidance to help you navigate the challenges of exam season with confidence.

Types and timings of assessments

At Edge Hill most exams are scheduled to take place within specific examination periods. However, it’s worth noting that exams may also occur outside of these periods, especially in Health and Education programmes of study. Please visit the Assessments and Awards page for more details about coursework, reassessment support, exam modifications and to find out more about your examination periods for the current academic year.

On campus exams
Online assessments
Summer assessments

Planning for revision

A good revision plan is specific, realistic, aligns with what you need to cover and your commitments. Avoid setting unrealistic goals that exceed your capacity and remember, sustaining lengthy study sessions isn’t feasible for most students. You will need to have an adaptable and flexible approach, recognising that certain topics and study periods may prove more challenging and time-consuming than anticipated. Be willing to adjust your plan as needed, accommodating the demands of more difficult content and unexpected obstacles.

Creating an effective revision plan

Exam revision

In the sections below you can learn more about useful strategies to help you successfully prepare and complete your exams. You can also explore our Exam Revision Guide for helpful tools and techniques. 

Revision strategies
Successful studying
Avoiding procrastination

Preparing for exams

Before your exam
During your exam
Common exam concerns

Further help and support

In addition to booking on one of our many UniSkills Workshops, or meeting one-to-one with one of our Academic Skills Advisors, we run regular targeted support campaigns and offer peer-to-peer support to help you successfully prepare for your assessments.

Ready, Set, Revise
Student Advisors