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Here at Edge Hill Sport we have our own General Gymnastics Club.  Classes are available for boys and girls aged 5 – 15 years. Basic gymnastics skills and trampoline are taught in a fun, friendly and safe environment with qualified and experienced coaches with up to 16 children per coach. General gymnastics sessions are non-competitive and designed to allow the children to express a variety of movements using strength, technique and their own individual personalities.

Children will work towards the British Gymnastics award scheme and earn badges and certificates on achieving the set criteria for each level. Children are assessed continuously and moved to the most suitable class for their ability.
Lessons are structured to enable gymnasts to build confidence whilst working towards improving style, ability and techniques on various pieces of apparatus and the floor which will invariably require repetition of fundamental skills.

It is hoped that all participants will improve through the programme of lessons, however the speed of progress cannot be guaranteed, as all learners are individuals with their own ability and experience.

DayClass TimeAbility
Saturday9.30am – 10.45amBeginners
Saturday11.15am – 12.30pmIntermediate
Saturday1.15pm – 2.30pmAdvanced
  • Beginners – In this class the children are developing basic motor skills including co-ordination balance and stability and aesthetic awareness.
  • Intermediates – Continuing work on their basic gymnastics skills and movements as a strong base to build more technically advanced moves. This is also a time to develop confidence and realisation of their potential and individual ability.
  • Advanced – Having developed their basic skills to a suitable level, gymnasts are now ready to build upon this with further advanced skills appropriate to the individual’s ability.


  • Sessional fees – £7 per session payable for the whole block at the time of booking.
  • Edge Hill Sport gymnastics club membership – £5.00 for Edge Hill Sport gymnastics club membership (an annual membership valid until September each year).
  • British gymnastics membership
    • Being a member of our club also requires a valid membership with British Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in the UK. You can purchase this directly from British Gymnastics through their website. Memberships expire on 30 September each year and will cost a minimum £22.00 for 2023/24 membership year.
    • Additional information that maybe requested include Edge Hill Sport delivers general gymnastics and the membership type is gymnast.
    • If you have any issues paying the British Gymnastics membership fees please initially contact British Gymnastics, however please do not hesitate to contact us if required.

Apparatus used in sessions

  • Floor
  • Tumble strip
  • Vault
  • Box
  • Beam (various heights)
  • Trampoline (not every session)
  • Trampette
  • Horse (for male gymnasts)
BlockStart DateNo Of WeeksFinish DatePrice Per BlockDates NOT Running
Block 3 January 202403-Feb-241006-Apr-24£70.00
Block 4 April 202413-Apr-24915-Jun-24£63.0004-May-24
Block 5 June 202422-Jun-241024-Aug-24£70.00
Course dates for 2023/24

Lessons will normally take place in the Wilson Gymnasium in the Wilson building, but will move to the Sports Hall for a number of weeks during exam periods in January, May and August.

How to enrol your child

All new participants are entitled to try our lessons by paying for two lessons before committing to a course of lessons.  

How to enrol your child procedure

To enrol your child on our activities please contact Edge Hill Sport.

As a BG registered club, the Gymnastics Club adopts a set of rules that must be followed by all club members.

  • Members must behave appropriately and any unruly behaviour will result in the individual being excluded.
  • Members should treat coaches, equipment, apparatus and each other with respect.
  • Correct uniform must be worn at all times.
  • Girls – Leotards (must be gymnastics leotards not dance) or t-shirt or singlet (must be tight fitting) and shorts
  • Boys – t-shirt or singlet (must be tight fitting) and shorts
  • Hair must be tied back appropriately to avoid impairment of vision, getting tangled on equipment or getting caught when a coach is supporting the gymnasts.
  • No footwear should be worn.
  • No jewellery should be worn.
  • All relevant fees should be paid in full before the first session of each term. Failure to pay before attending the sessions may result in non participation.
  • On arrival parents must inform coaches of their child’s arrival and must be collected promptly afterwards.
  • Payment of enrolment fees will be taken as agreement to comply with the code of conduct.
  • Parents/ guardians are responsible for informing Sporting Edge and/or the gymnastics coaches of any medical or behavioural conditions which their child may suffer. It is the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to update the information if anything changes during the course.
  • All gymnasts must pay a membership fee to Sporting Edge which is for associate membership to British Gymnastics, the sports governing body in the United Kingdom, and ensures the children are covered by the relevant insurance.