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Team Edge Hill is the hub for all sports teams and individuals at Edge Hill University, who are competing in British Universities and Colleges Sport. This is the place to be if you want to follow the progress of our teams in their current BUCS season. This will include updates on sports fixtures, results, photos, and match reports.



Teams for 2023/24

The following teams are part of Team Edge Hill. Some teams can be contacted directly via their social media pages. If there is not a link, please contact [email protected] for more information.


All students that are training with or representing Edge Hill University either individually or as part of a team must hold a valid Team Edge Hill membership.

These membership fees contribute towards insurance, facility hire, officials, entry fees and affiliations, transport, and playing kit among other expenses. This membership includes access to Team Edge Hill clubs, campus sport, swimming and track usage and will expire on 31 August each year.

To be able to access the activities of any of our student led sports clubs you must pay your Team Edge Hill membership fee at the Sports Centre reception or online.

Memberships provide the following benefits:

  • financial support at representative level
  • subsidised support to coaching and officials courses

By signing up to a Team Edge Hill sports club or taking out Team Edge Hill membership, you agree to abide by the Team Edge Hill sports clubs code of conduct.


Men’s football 5pm – 7pm
Men’s rugby union 5pm – 7pm
Hockey 6pm – 9pm
Basketball 6pm – 10pm
Cricket 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Women’s rugby union 7pm – 9pm
Men’s rugby league 7pm – 9pm
Trampolining 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Swim team 8pm – 10pm
Volleyball 8pm – 10pm

Women’s netball 6pm – 8pm
Men’s futsal 6pm – 8pm
Athletics with LPS 6pm – 8.30pm
American football 7pm – 9pm
Women’s football 7pm – 9pm
Cheerleading 8pm – 9pm
Athletics with LPS 6pm – 8.30pm
Pool 6.30pm – 9pm
American football 7pm – 9pm
Tennis 8pm – 10pm
Cheerleading 7pm – 9pm


Every year Edge Hill University and University of Central Lancashire sports teams compete in an annual varsity competition. Varsity is one eagerly awaited massive day of sport with fixtures including football, hockey, rugby, basketball, and netball. Each fixture contributes towards the varsity total with the university with the most points taking home the trophy.

The varsity competition first took place in 2013 with the two institutions taking it in turns to host, with students competing in more than 17 different sports and 23 fixtures in one day.

2014Edge HillEdge Hill
2016Edge HillEdge Hill
2017UCLanEdge Hill
2018Edge HillEdge Hill
2022Edge HillEdge Hill

Committee members

Team sheets must be complete prior to all matches (Home and Away) It is your responsibility to check all players against photo ID and Sign form.

Check the players attending the match the photo and name on ID card (University ID).

If Edge Hill fails to provide team sheet to BUCS on request teams will face a walkover to the opposition.

Team sheets can be collected from Sports Centre reception or accessed online.

Access team sheet

If you feel an opposition broke any of the BUCS regulation you will need to ensure you complete a playing under protest form signed (before the fixture and bring / email it to Rosa before the 12pm on the Thursday morning or the next working day).

Key points

  • The opposing captain must countersign this form to acknowledge that the protesting team have a grievance and that the match will be played under protest, they cannot refuse to do so.
  • The opposing captain has the opportunity to state their opinion regarding this grievance on the form in the space provided.
  • The end of each statement from each captain must be initialled to note its conclusion.
  • The completion of a Playing Under Protest form only allows an institution the right to appeal at the conclusion of the fixture as they have not accepted the conditions of the match, it does not guarantee the outcome of any subsequent appeal.
  • If later on, more issues arise, that were not apparent at the time the Playing Under Protest Form was signed: either a new form should be completed or the issues should be added to the existing form with the time they are raised noted next to the captains’ initials against these.

The sports coaching fund is available for Team Edge Hill Clubs to apply for development of student coaches or the provision of external coaches.

Sports coaching fund criteria 2023/24

General criteria:

  1. General overview
    • The purpose of the Sports Coaching Fund (SCF) is to provide opportunities for Team Edge Hill Sports clubs to apply for funding for an external club coach or to develop a student coach through coach education/ qualifications.
    • All funding agreements will be for the approved academic year only. All Sports clubs must reapply annually.
  2. Commitment
    • Applications should be made by the whole sport club rather than individual club members or teams. Applications received from individual students or individual teams will not be accepted.
    • All clubs applying must be registered as Team Edge Hill Clubs.
    • Clubs applying to access the funding must ensure that all members have purchased Team Edge Hill Membership.
    • All teams within a club must show a commitment to BUCS competitions, including league and cup matches or individual BUCS competitions. (Previous and current seasons will be taken into account)
    • The expectation is that there will be no voluntary walkovers for any team within the club.
    • Where the application is for an external paid coach, the club must have identified a potential external coach with a minimum level 2 qualification prior to application.
    • Current Edge Hill students cannot be appointed as a paid coach though the Student Coach Fund.
    • For applications for a student to obtain a coaching qualification, Clubs must have identified a student with relevant experience within the sport and who has a willingness to undertake the coaching qualification with the intention to coach the team for the remainder of the season and the following season. The student must fund any additional costs above the agreed funding level to obtain the qualification.
    • Clubs need to identify possible courses which the student coach can attend and submit full details with the application.
    • Full costs of the course must be submitted at time of application.
    • Clubs should provide additional information, to evidence previous attempts to improve and develop their clubs. (National Governing Body contacts, links with local clubs and more).
  3. Allocation
  • The Student Coach Fund can allocate up to a maximum of £20.00 per hour for external coaches depending on qualification and experience.*
    • External coaches below level two cannot be funded through the Sports Coaching fund.
    • Coach education funding will only be made available to students with a full year of study after completion of qualification.
    • A maximum of one coaching course can be claimed per club per year.
    • The maximum funding per student to attend a coaching education course are set at:

Level 1 = £150             Level 2 = £350

4. Prioritisation

  • Where several clubs have applied for funding in the same academic year and where funding is limited, each application will be judged on its own merits. Should the applications be judged to have equal merits based on the above criteria priority will be given to
    • Clubs which have not received coaching support previously from the student coach fund.
    • Clubs who can evidence development and growth.
    • Clubs which can evidence demand for example, where there is more than one team.

*Edge Hill Sport reserves the right to amend the hourly rate of pay at any time. 

Team Edge Hill sports coach fund application form

To request additional sports facility time for either regular sessions or a one-off please complete the online form via the link below:

Team Edge Hill additional training requests

Availability for additional training space is limited however all requests will be considered on a case by case basis.