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2023/2024 term dates

Standard term dates

First weekNew students25-09-2329-09-231 week
Autumn termAll students02-10-2315-12-2311 weeks
Spring termAll students02-01-2422-03-2412 weeks
Summer termAll students08-04-2431-05-248 weeks

Non-standard term dates

Faculty of Education

Early Years Education
Primary and Childhood Education
Secondary and Further Education

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

Allied Health Professions
Social Work and Wellbeing
Students in computer lab looking at computers and talking to eachother

Get in touch

Term dates are produced directly from each Faculty. If you have any queries about dates, or your course isn’t listed, get in touch with the relevant Faculty.

You can also get in touch with the Academic Records team for general term date enquiries.