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Fees and bursaries

This team deal with all the financial side of things, like tuition fees, funding and bursaries. They can also help you out getting your payment arrangements in order.

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Key points to note

  • The University agrees the fees for all provision of study before the start of each academic year.  All full time undergraduate tuition fees for 2022/23 are £9,250
  • You must meet specific criteria to apply for a teaching or NHS bursary
  • We have a range of scholarships for those who meet eligibility criteria


The University is committed to ensuring information on fees is readily available and publishes fee information each year in advance of the application and enrolment cycle for the following academic session.

Applicants may view an indication of likely fee levels from the University’s prospectus and website and can expect to receive detailed information about fees, and view arrangements for payment, when they are offered a place to study.

UK tuition fees

International fee

Referred to Study for Honours (QSFH)

Transferred to Part Time (TPT)

The University may administer a small inflationary rise in tuition fees, in line with Government policy, in subsequent academic years as you progress through your course.


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If you are studying on a teaching or health and social work programme, you may be eligible for a bursary.

Teaching bursaries

Qualifying for a teaching bursary from the Department for Education (DfE) is straightforward. There is no formal application, the University will award the bursary if you meet the criteria.

DfE bursaries are paid in addition to any Student Finance maintenance loan awarded.

During enrolment notification will be issued by email to confirm bursary entitlement and scheduled payment dates.  Qualifying students will be asked to confirm nominated bank account details and their National Insurance number and agree to Terms and Conditions defined by the DfE.

Payment will only be made once you have met all of the conditions of entry and are fully registered on programme.

Students may only receive one initial teacher training bursary within the academic year. Should you meet the eligibility criteria for more than one bursary, Department for Education guidelines state that only the higher award may be received.

2022/2023 trainees

Math’s or Computing scholarships

Undergraduate bursaries

Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE)

Health and social work bursaries

To be eligible for an NHS social work bursary,  you need to meet the specific criteria outlined on the social work bursaries page of the NHSBSA website. This bursary is non-repayable and contributes to your living expenses during your period of study.

The University is awarded a limited number of bursaries for undergraduate and postgraduate study and is required to nominate students in advance of the academic year following set criteria which can be found here (Social Work Bursaries – Edge Hill University). Not all students will be entitled to a capped place but can still put an application in for a travel grant.

Please note, if you are awarded a postgraduate Social Work Bursary, you will no longer be eligible to receive a Postgraduate Loan and will also not qualify for alumni fee remission.

Support is available through the NHS Learning Support Fund for health programmes leading to specific awards. You can find more details on all financial support available on the student services pages of the NHSBSA website.

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If you have any questions about fees or bursaries, we’re here to help.