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How do I enrol?
Where can I find out more detailed instructions on enrolment?
How do I do stage two?
When do I need to complete each enrolment stage?
When will I get my student finance?
How do I enrol if I am a continuing student?
I am a continuing student and can’t see the button to enrol
I’ve not been sent an email asking me to enrol – where is it?
Why can’t I upload my profile picture or ID?
Why has my picture been rejected?
I’m trying to do my stage two but can’t get on the Wi-Fi
I’ve got an Android phone but I’m not sure what Wi-Fi settings I need to pick to connect to Eduroam
How do I set up my Edge Hill email account?
I’m still struggling – who do I contact?
I’ve forgotten my password / my password isn’t working
How can I check my timetable?
What does part enrolled mean?