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Password Reset

Change or reset your password.

To ensure your University IT account is secure, your password must be a minimum of 12 characters long and contain characters from at least three of the following categories:

  • Uppercase character(s)
  • Lowercase character(s)
  • Numeric character(s)
  • Special character(s)
  • Passwords should be unique and not used across multiple systems.
  • Passwords should not be anything used in the previous 12 months.
  • Passwords should not be similar to anything previously used (to within three characters) for example you cannot increment by one number each month.

Please note:

  • Microsoft maintain a list of common passwords which cannot be used (and insecure passwords will be rejected), therefore please ensure your password is unique.
  • Please remember that you will need to reset / create a new University IT password every 180 days

Please note
Mobile device connecting to Eduroam or Edge Hill Wi-Fi must be reconnected using the new password. Failure to change your device Wi-Fi setting will result in your account being automatically locked.

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