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Council Tax frequently asked questions

Who qualifies for Council Tax exemption?
How can I get a Confirmation of Student Registration Certificate (CSRC) for council tax purposes?
How long is the certificate valid for?
I started my course in January / March and my certificate only runs until the end of July. Why does it not cover the whole of my year of study?
I am an international student. Am I exempt?
I have a placement as part of my course. Am I still classed as a full-time student during this period?
I am repeating the year but on a part time basis (Transfer to Part Time), am I still eligible?
I have withdrawn from my studies part way through the academic year. Would I still be eligible for the full year?
I am an apprentice working towards a qualification. Am I entitled to a certificate?
I have completed my undergraduate degree and am going on to do a postgraduate course in September. Am I eligible to council tax exemption throughout the summer?
I have completed my final year but have an outstanding placement or modules to complete – am I entitled to a certificate?
Are PhD/GTA students eligible for a council tax certificate?
Obtaining a certificate for previous years
A student is working at a computer in the Catalyst. There is a student in the background picking books from the bookshelves in the background. Another student is reading a book on the couch in the background.

Further help

If you cannot see the orange button on your record and you believe you are eligible for council tax exemption, please contact the Enrolment team:

Requests may take up to 2 working days to process.