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Assessment and Results FAQs

Assessments and Examinations

When is the examinations timetable available?

The timetable is available four weeks before the examination period.  Find the date, time and location of your exams with Exam Finder.  You can access it  here or find it displayed outside Academic Registry or in the Library.

An exam I am due to sit is not on the timetable, what should I do?

Contact the Examinations Officer on 01695 657471 or email the Assessment Team

I am unable to attend/I have missed an exam due to mitigating circumstances, what should I do?

You should follow the EMC (Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances) procedure. Contact a member of the Assessment Team for the relevant form.

I am on holiday during the reassessment period and have an exam, what should I do?

Examination periods are set before each academic year starts and are published here. It is your responsibility to ensure you submit work or present yourself for assessments and examinations in line with the published deadlines/examination timetables. This includes the summer re-assessment period.  We strongly advise that you consult the examination timetables before booking any holidays.

Please note:
If you are unable to submit coursework by the required deadline, you should approach your tutor in the first instance in order to ask for an extension. Alternatively, please follow the EMC procedure.

Results and Certification

Are my Academic Transcript and Degree Certificate sent to my home or term time address?

Both are posted to your home address. It is your responsibility to make sure we have the most up to date address information. If your address has changed, please contact the Data Management Team on 01695 657274.

Please Note
To comply with the data protection act results will NOT be disclosed over the telephone or via email.

There is a number for validation on the bottom of my Academic Transcript; do I need to do anything with this?

No, this is for employers or other institutions to confirm the validity of a candidate’s results if required.

There is an error on my Academic Transcript, who do I need to contact?

In the first instance contact the Assessment Team and they will be able to help or point you in the right direction.