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Latest customer survey results

Data collection

This year’s survey received 633 responses, mainly by email. The majority of responses received were from student members at 48%, followed by the community categories at 41% and 11% from staff.

Customer satisfaction and importance

The top three highest and lowest scoring areas in terms of satisfaction:

Highest scoringLowest scoring
Exercise classes instructors’ knowledgeRange of café products
Reception area cleanlinessSwimming pool timetable
Swimming pool area cleanlinessVariety of exercise classes

CSAT Scores

The top three areas with the highest CSAT scores were:

  • Exercise classes (4.6)
  • Reception (4.4)
  • Campus Sport sessions (4.4)

Managing customer expectations

We are pleased to say 83% of respondents were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the value for money of their membership. Our overall net promoter score is 32:

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