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Subject Network Hub

Welcome to the Department of Secondary and Further Education subject network hubs. Through these hubs, we aim to work closely, and over an extended period of time, with teachers in schools. The general aims of these networks are to:

  • improve the reputational standing of our specialist subjects in schools, and to increase the enjoyment and learning of pupils who study them
  • develop stronger collaborative relationships with teachers in schools so that they can maintain and develop the currency of their expertise as well as sustain their own passion for their subject
  • maintain, strengthen, and extend our relationships with our current and past students as they transition into the profession as Early Career Teachers and develop their careers over many years
  • maintain the currency of our own expertise and passion for our subjects

Our subject networks are a shared enterprise, with teachers and academics working as equals and with everyone having an equal say in the specific themes or topic-coverage of meetings and events. Our specific focus in the hubs is to develop and share knowledge of:

  • evidence informed practice
  • latest theories relating to learning and teaching
  • education policy and teacher agency
  • inclusive pedagogy