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Initial Teacher Education (ITE) partnership

Welcome from the Dean, Faculty of Education

Partnership is at the heart of education, and the Faculty of Education is enormously proud of its wide, diverse and collaborative partnership.

The Faculty’s vision is based on the defining value of “working creatively with others to enhance life chances”. Most of us work in education because we believe it makes a positive difference to people’s lives. More than this, education has the everyday power to transform lives, and is the central mechanism for social mobility. Our provision, research and partnerships share common thematic threads of inclusivity, social justice and positive change. Some of those threads can be traced back to our University’s origins as the first secular teaching training institution for women.

We believe in ‘rich’ partnerships, rather than transactional arrangements focused solely on placements. We seek to work closely and strategically with our partners, offering bespoke Continuing Professional Development (CPD), looking for joint research projects and working together on improvement activities. This is a two-way relationship. We welcome and value the involvement of our partners in all aspects of our work, from influencing strategic decisions to co-teaching and recruiting trainees.

Jane Moore

Healthy institutions look outward, not inward, and we are very conscious of our place in our local and regional areas as well as nationally and internationally. We want to make a positive difference to our neighbouring communities. We value the relationships we have built with local schools and settings and their alliances, as well as with local authorities and councils. Making a difference is based on being responsive to need, and we are committed to working with partners and communities in challenging circumstances.

Alongside the training of hundreds of committed and excellent teachers each year, the faculty has a large and successful Special Educational Needs Coordination programme (SENCo), CPD and Masters courses, and expertise in beach and forest schooling. We train practitioners in renowned Maths intervention programmes and are partners in a research project focused on mental health – Tackling the Blues – alongside partnerships with Tate Liverpool, the dot-art Gallery and many others. In each case, the overarching principle has been to look for opportunities to work with like-minded organisations to enhance life chances.

You can find out more about our provision and explore the right path in your journey using the links provided. We are very much looking forward to working with you and supporting you to shape your career in education.