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Discover how we plan to reduce the environmental impact of journeys made by our students and staff, and introduce new greener ways of travel.


  • To help people travel to work and study while minimising pollution, congestion and the overall environmental impact that will help the institution grow in a sustainable way
11. Sustainable cities and communities


  • Reduce the percentage of single occupancy car journeys made to the University by staff and student to 55% and 37% respectively by 2025.
  • Assess feasibility of increasing permanent bicycle storage sites by 2025.
  • Review pool fleet options with a view to introduce lower emission vehicles – end of 2025.
  • Carry out a feasibility study for the installation of electric vehicle charging points on campus – end of 2024.
  • Undertake regular travel survey audits – with implementation of audits beginning in 2025.

Journey planning

It’s not always easy to know what transport options are available for your journey, particularly when making the transition from the car to other modes of transport.

Two students walking together past accommodation with their bikes. Other students are walking past in the background.

Here are a selection of the best journey planners to help you plan a smooth and convenient journey:

National Rail Cycle Streets

The EdgeLink bus (EL1) offers a fast and reliable service straight to campus during term-time, free when you show your Unicard. Catch the EdgeLink bus at Ormskirk bus station for a direct link to Edge Hill, this is great if you live in Ormskirk or arrive at Ormskirk bus or train station. 

EdgeLink bus route
EdgeLink bus timetable and further information


Cyclists who work or study at Edge Hill University may join the Bike Locker Users’ Club (BLUC) in order to store their bike in any of the BLUC lockers on campus.

Sheffield stands and wall-mounted racks are all available for use free of charge at our Ormskirk campus.

Showers are available free of charge at the new Edge Hill Sports Centre and the Faculty of Health and Social Care.

group of students cycling on campus

Bike locker user group

How do I sign up?
How do the lockers work?
I need some more help


A number of buses connect Ormskirk to the surrounding area.

A-Z destination finder
Helpful resources


From Ormskirk train station there is a regular service running to and from Preston and all stations to Liverpool.

Liverpool to Ormskirk Preston to Ormskirk
Northern Rail
Park and ride
Bike and ride
Planning your route

Car parking

Our travel plan encourages staff, students and visitors to travel to the University by sustainable means wherever possible.

Parking on campus is limited and reserved for permit holders.

Parking permits

Car parking FAQs

What parking is available to students and staff at the University and how does it work?
Who decides the level of parking provision that the University can provide?
Why does the University choose not to charge for parking?
What does the University do to maximise the parking available on campus?
What prevents the University from increasing its parking provision further?
Where can I park if I am not eligible for a permit, or if there are no spaces available on campus?
Where can I find out more about sustainable travel alternatives?

Car sharing

Car sharing is when two or more people share their journey and travel together.

It allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car whilst saving money by reducing mileage and petrol costs, alleviating parking problems, congestion and pollution.

Staff and student car share groups
Reserved parking for car sharers

Car sharing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a car to car share?
Do I have to car share everyday?
How safe is car sharing?
What if I car share and have to leave campus suddenly?
What about sharing costs?
What are the insurance implications of car sharing?
Is it possible to find a travelling companion of the same sex?
I already know someone who I can carshare with, do I have to join a Liftshare group?
I am not eligible for a car parking permit can I still car share?
What are the benefits of car sharing?

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