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Parking and travel

Our Travel Plan encourages staff, students and visitors to travel to the University by sustainable means wherever possible. Parking on campus is limited and reserved for permit holders.

Parking permits

We try to manage our parking spaces fairly. Only members of staff and registered students may apply for a parking permit and eligibility criteria applies based on the distance travelled and the availability of public transport.

Registered staff and students may check their eligibility and apply for a parking permit online.

If you have any questions about parking permits, or access to campus, you can drop the Parking team an email.

What parking is available to students and staff at the University and how does it work?
Who decides the level of parking provision that the University can provide?
Why does the University choose not to charge for parking?
What does the University do to maximise the parking available on campus?
What are the benefits of car sharing?
What prevents the University from increasing its parking provision further?
Where can I park if I am not eligible for a permit, or if there are no spaces available on campus?
Where can I find out more about sustainable travel alternatives?