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This money matters guide outlines the tuition fees and financial support arrangements for UK students joining a taught Masters degree, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, MRes or MBA. This guide is for those joining Edge Hill University between August 2024 and July 2025.

Please note that the information on this page is subject to change.

On this page you can find out what student funding you may qualify for and how to apply for it. We encourage you to explore all potential sources of additional funding to maximise payment support.

If you are applying to study:

  • MSc Midwifery,
  • an MSc Nursing pathway, or;
  • a PGDip Nursing pathway on a full-time basis,

for student finance purposes please apply for financial support as if you are an undergraduate Nursing student.

  • Student Finance Wales treat MSc Midwifery, MSc Nursing and PGDip Nursing as postgraduate courses.
  • If you apply to study a PGDip Nursing pathway on a part-time basis, you are classed as a postgraduate student for student finance purposes.

Tuition fees for postgraduate courses vary depending on the programme and type of study.

We’ve highlighted tuition fees for UK students joining selected postgraduate courses in academic year 2024/25 below.

You can find tuition fees for all postgraduate programmes, including professional development pathways, on individual course pages.

CourseFull-Time FeePart-Time Fee
MSc Applied Management of Offending Behaviour£8,500£47 per credit
MSc Applied Sport & Exercise Science£8,500£47 per credit
MBA Business Administration (all pathways) £14,500£80 per credit
MSc Business and Management£8,500£47 per credit
PGCert Business and Management£2,820Not applicable
PGDip Business and Management£5,640£47 per credit
MSc Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing £8,500£47 per credit
MA Collaborative Performance Practice£8,500£47 per credit
MSc Computing £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Conservation Management £8,500£47 per credit
MA Creative Writing £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Cyber Security £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence£8,500£47 per credit
MA Digital Arts£8,500£47 per credit
PGDip Education Mental Health Practitioner for Children and Young People Funded by Health Education EnglandNot applicable
Professional Doctorate Education (EdD)Not applicable£3,540 a year
Professional Doctorate Emergency Services ManagementNot applicable£3,540 a year
MA Film and Media £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Health Psychology£8,500£47 per credit
MA International Creative Enterprise £8,500£47 per credit
LLM International Cyber Regulation and Policy£8,500£47 per credit
MA Marketing Communications & Branding £8,500£47 per credit
PGCert Mental Health & Wellbeing Practitioner: Specialist Adult Mental HealthFunded by Health Education EnglandNot applicable
MSc Midwifery £9,250 a yearNot applicable
MA Modern History & Culture £8,500£47 per credit
MA Nineteenth-Century Studies £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Nursing (all pathways) £9,250 a yearNot applicable
PGDip Nursing (all pathways) £9,250Not applicable
PhD Doctor of Philosophy£5,900 a year£3,540 a year
MSc Physician Associate Studies £9,250 a yearNot applicable
MSc Policing and Law Enforcement Investigation£8,500£47 per credit
MSc Psychology (Conversion) £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Psychology in Business £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Psychotherapy and Counselling – Contemporary Creative Approaches £4,625 a year£51 per credit
MSc Public Health Nutrition £8,500£47 per credit
MRes Masters by Research£5,500£3,700 for Year 1, £1,800 for Year 2
MA Safeguarding in Sport£8,500£47 per credit
MA Social Sciences (all pathways) £8,500£47 per credit
PGCert Social Sciences (Critical Autism Studies) £2,820Not applicable
MA Social Work £8,500 a yearNot applicable
MSc Sport, Physical Activity and Mental Health £8,500£47 per credit
MSc Sports Therapy£8,500£47 per credit
MSc Strategic Leadership in Emergency Services and Law Enforcement£8,500£47 per credit
MSc Sustainable Leadership and Management£8,500£47 per credit
PGCert Supervision: Children and Young People's Mental Health & Wellbeing£5,000Not applicable
MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) £8,500£47 per credit

Tuition fees for each academic year are paid in full or in three equal instalments upon enrolment.

You need 180 credits to complete a taught Masters degree (MA/MSc/MBA), 120 credits to complete a PGDip and 60 credits to complete a PGCert.

A graduate collects their alumni bag after attending their graduation ceremony.

Progress to Postgraduate Award

An Edge Hill Alumni, former ERASMUS+ or Study Abroad student could benefit from a reduction in tuition fee when enrolling onto an eligible full-time or part-time postgraduate programme at the University for the first time during 2024/25.

The offer is open to students who completed within the last two years and meet the criteria.

See the full details and eligibility criteria


Postgraduate Loans are subject to different financial arrangements and eligibility criteria depending on whether you are domiciled in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The information below applies to eligible students domiciled in England only.

If you are domiciled in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you should consult the website of the relevant funding body:

Master’s Loan
Doctoral Loan
Repaying your loan
Alternative funding
Religious faith


Tutor assisting student with writing on the whiteboard.

Social Work Bursary

If you are joining on our MA Social Work course, you may be eligible for a Social Work Bursary. This includes an annual placement allowance.

Find further details on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) website.

Please note, PGDip Social Work students are not eligible for the NHSBSA Social Work Bursary. If offered a place on this course, you may be eligible for the Step Up to Social Work bursary.

Residency conditions and additional eligibility criteria apply for the NHSBSA Social Work Bursary. Whilst all eligible students can expect to receive the placement allowance, the University is only allocated a capped number of Social Work Bursary awards and is required to nominate students to receive the bursary following stipulated guidance. Receipt of a Social Work Bursary is therefore not guaranteed and there is no right of appeal. You can find more information on availability and eligibility criteria online.


A range of scholarships are available to current students. You may be eligible for consideration, once you enrol on a postgraduate programme, and begin studying with us.

The majority of these scholarships are only available to students enrolled on full-time courses. Your course must be longer than one year in length, which excludes many postgraduate courses.

You can also take advantage of career enhancing opportunities by applying for financial support from our Student Opportunity Fund. This fund is available to support both eligible full-time and part-time students.

Find more information on the full range of scholarships, including eligibility criteria for each award.

Three students walk along a path on the Edge Hill University campus with the accommodation building behind them
Studentships for research degree students

Disabled students’ allowance

Catalyst help desk talking to two students.

You will not have access to a grant that contributes towards your living costs. However, if you have a disability or specific learning difficulty, you may be eligible for support to meet your individual needs. Find out more through the Government’s Disabled Students’ Allowance.

Disabled Students’ Allowances are worth up to £26,948 for eligible students in academic year 2024/25. These allowances help with the cost of specialist equipment, extra travel costs, or other support necessary to enable your studies.

If you feel you have a support requirement, we encourage you to arrange a chat with our Inclusive Services team.

Further guidance

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