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Choosing the right university for you is something that you’ll need to research and think about carefully. And you’ll want to make sure that you’ve thought of all potential options before making any final decisions. Not sure what you should be looking for when choosing your university? We’ve put together a few things to think about when making your decision.

Step one: choose what you want to study – seems obvious, right?

Your course is the most important thing when choosing a university. Choose a course you’re interested in, that’ll you enjoy studying independently. It’ll make your time at university more memorable. Struggling to choose? Try splitting this decision process into two. First, think about the broader subject that you’d like to study. Then research different courses within the subject. Look for one that aligns with you, your goals and your interests.

How do you do you make this decision?

This can seem like a big task with an unlimited number of options. Ask yourself two key questions before you start:

  1. What did you enjoy studying at school or college? Would you like to develop your knowledge in any of these areas?
  2. Do you have a career in mind that needs a specific qualification?

There are many factors to consider but ultimately, you’re going to want to be interested enough to study this course for three or four years.

An academic member of staff is teaching students in a classroom. The students are sat around a circle table whilst the academic is talking with them and discussing their work.

You could even take this opportunity to start something brand new. If you choose to take this route, make sure you’ve got all the information you need. Find out what the course will cover and what types of topics you’ll come across. Understand what the course will entail and what’ll be expected of you. Make sure you’ll have the relevant qualifications for the course. Some courses expect you to have studied a certain subject beforehand.

And it’s important to be realistic about the entry requirements too. While it’s good to be ambitious, you should still give yourself options. So consider applying for universities that have different entry requirements. Give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your place at university

Want to know which courses are on offer at Edge Hill?

Our courses are easy to research. Visit our undergraduate courses webpage to read about each course. Or order yourself a prospectus. You’ll also find members of our team at UCAS fairs who are always happy to chat through your options. Whichever format you choose to use, make plenty of notes about each course. If you’re struggling to narrow down your options, try writing a list of pros and cons for each course. And if you have any further questions, our Course Enquiries Team will be more than happy to help you.

Step two: location, location, location

Whether you’re planning to commute to university or live in university accommodation, you should consider the location and the area where it’s based. While there are a few things to think about, some may be more important to you than others.

The commuter life

If you’re planning to commute to university, you’re probably only going to look at the universities that are closest to you. While this is a great idea, there are still some other factors to think about. Like, will you be travelling by car? Have you found suitable car parking? Is it budget friendly? And don’t forget to consider your route. Including nearby petrol stations. It’s no fun being stranded after a day of studying. Going to be using public transport? Work out how long the journey will take. Are train stations and bus stops near to the university? Is the travel timetable suitable? You wouldn’t want to arrive too late every day. Or miss your train or bus home.

At Edge Hill we provide free car-parking for our students, subject to eligibility. Once you’re a student, you can apply for a parking permit. And to guarantee a parking spot you can try car-sharing. As well as being more sustainable it could save you some money. If you receive an offer with us, you’ll be invited to attend an offer holder day. It’s a great chance to make friends before you arrive, and you could meet your new car share buddy.

Students walking along the platform at Ormskirk train station.

If you’re thinking of letting the train take the strain, we’re located close to Ormskirk train station. And the bus station too. Both are located within a short walking distance from the University. But to give you a helping hand, our Edge Link Bus will pick you from the bus station in town and bring you right onto campus. Even better, it’s free once you’re a student. All you have to do is show your student ID card. For more information you can view our Travel webpage.

Flying the nest

two female students sitting in halls on campus

Choosing your university accommodation is more than just finding a great place to live. And there are many benefits to living on campus, if that’s what you choose to do. It’s essential that you research your options before making your final decision. To make sure that the fees fit in with your budget. And to find out what’s included in the costs. Such as wifi, bills and amenities. It’s also a good idea to find out information about the area you’ll be living in. Which supermarkets are close by? Are they affordable? Are there places to socialise that suit you?

At Edge Hill we have on-campus accommodation with each room designed with you in mind. You’ll be right at the heart of our community in a safe environment where you can live, study and socialise. And with different types of accommodation to suit a range of budgets, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to make your own. Did you know we’ve been voted first in the UK for accommodation (Uni Compare 2023)?

While our accommodation is all in one place on our award-winning campus, there’s also so much more to do if you want to take a trip off campus in your spare time. Farmers’ markets in the town centre. Renowned shopping centres in local cities. Local pubs, cafés and restaurants. Sports. Arts. Culture. And more.

And it’s not just the accommodation prices that you’ll want to consider. Think about the extra costs you’ll find while living in Ormskirk. You can start your research by taking a look at our Affordable Ormskirk page.

Step three: experience the thrill of it

Studying at university is more than just the lectures you attend. It’s the environment and atmosphere too. Think about how you want to feel when you’re studying on campus. Relaxed? Supported? Part of a team?

That’s why we really recommend that you visit a university in person. Open days. Campus tours. Exhibitions and study fairs. Offer holder days. Each visit offers insight into different aspects of university life. Expect to find out more about courses. Tours of facilities. Experience subject taster sessions.

And at these events, you’ll have the chance to chat with students. Those that have recently been in your shoes, who know exactly how you’re feeling. They’ll have valuable insight into the course and what you should expect to find in the department.

Two students stand outside on campus looking at an open day programme together

How would we describe our community? Welcoming. Friendly. Supportive. And you’ll feel part of it from the moment you meet us. Whether that’s at an open day. A campus tour. Or when you begin your studies. You can find out about what we offer at Edge Hill on our Visit Us pages.

Step four: opportunities galore

Starting your degree is a huge opportunity in itself. But the opportunity doesn’t have to stop there. Think about what else you’d like to get out of your university experience. Imagine yourself in a sports team? Dream of being able to find your academic niche? Or is the chance to try out a role in the real-world your deal breaker?

Image of of a football match taking place with a representative from the Women's Edge Hill football team playing against opponents

This could be the start of something new

At Edge Hill, we offer a whole host of societies and sports teams for you to try out. And if you can’t find one that really interests you, you can even create your own. Whether you’re looking to build on a passion you already have. Or want to start something from scratch. We’d love for you to get involved. And it’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals who share your interests outside of your course.

Make the course your own

Depending on the degree programme that you choose, you could have the opportunity to tailor your course by module choice. This isn’t available for all courses, so make sure to check carefully. Modules are different topics within your subject area, however, courses in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences often offer a foreign language elective too. So you can develop new or existing language skills alongside your degree. If the course you choose doesn’t offer this, you don’t have to miss out. You can take advantage of our Language Centre that usually offers evening language classes.

Take on the world of work

Fancy taking on a weekly, termly or yearly placement? You could be in with a shot. Some of our courses give you the chance to gain valuable work experience in a field related to your studies. It’ll give you a useful insight into certain career paths. And it’ll help you to develop your studies once you’re back studying on campus.

Venture out to new environments

Maybe you’ll decide to opt for a sandwich year. This could be work experience. Or you could decide to study abroad for an academic year as part of an exchange scheme. If you choose to take up one of these opportunities, you’re sure to benefit from your experiences. Equally, if you don’t want to take part in these activities, there is so much happening at Edge Hill for you to develop and enhance your skills.

The funding to your success

Already have your own business idea? Or you’ve found an activity that could enhance your studies? Our Student Opportunity Fund (SOF) initiative could help you. SOF aims to help students to broaden their horizons by providing funds to enable them to participate in activities that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. So if you have ideas, we can provide the support.

Image of students celebrating being awarded a scholarship. Seven students smiling stood beneath the 'Student Life' arch

Step five: look before you learn

The facilities and resources you use during your studies are so important for your development. So research whether a university has specialist facilities. And what equipment you’ll use on course to help you develop your knowledge. At Edge Hill, you’ll find purpose-built facilities across campus. With state-of-the-art equipment to put your learning into practice. And you’ll be taught by enthusiastic lecturers. Who can’t wait to share their passions with you.

Come and join us at an open day to get the chance to view these facilities first hand. And you’ll understand why we’ve recently been voted third in the UK for University Facilities (Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2023).

Step six: well-placed for wellbeing

Female student smiling with support adviser in the Catalyst building

Starting university is often a new experience. And sometimes you might need a little help with navigating through this new chapter in your life. Check the support that a university offers. You never know when you could come across an unexpected bump in the road. Whether that’s your health and wellbeing. Money issues. Or something completely different.

We pride ourselves on the support that we offer at Edge Hill. Access support from teams that specialise in different categories of support. Careers. Money Advice. Inclusion. Health and Wellbeing. And more. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

As well as providing the relevant learning resources you need to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. You’ll be asked to complete wider reading or further research outside of your lectures and seminars. Our library resources, based in Catalyst, can help you with this. With thousands of books and access to online resources, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. If can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask and the team will try to source it for you. And if you need a little support to enhance your academic skills, our UniSkills workshops can help you reach your potential.

Joining the Edge Hill experience

Interested in a university that’s not just about books and exams? But also about building a well-rounded and fulfilling experience? At Edge Hill, we aim to offer just that. Our award-winning campus, rich variety of student organisations, and expert support services are designed to provide the complete student experience.

Applying to Edge Hill University is a straightforward process. Visit our how to apply page to get started. Here you’ll find all the information you need on application deadlines, entry requirements, and the various courses we offer. If you have any questions or need additional support, our Admissions Team is always happy to help.

Listen as our student, Rachel, talks through her top five tips to think about when applying to University.

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