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An Introduction to GIS for Conservation Management

An Introduction to GIS for Conservation Management is an introductory course to teach newcomers how to use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for effective environmental applications and conservation management.

You will become competent in the basics of using GIS, including:

  • understanding its underlying structures
  • creating and manipulating spatial data
  • conducting geoprocessing
  • producing quality professional maps

You will learn GIS through a real-world exercise, ensuring that the skills you gain will be directly relevant to ecology and conservation as well as a broad range of environmental applications. Through this complete end-to-end course, you will generate a Phase 1 Habitat Survey for a nearby conservation area, completing all steps from data collection to final product generation.

You’ll leave the course with a firm understanding of the principles of geospatial data and analysis, and able to confidently use new GIS skills.


Please note that dates are to be arranged.