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Our talented students and graduates are eagerly looking for work experience and employment. They’re enthusiastic, have the latest knowledge and can be a real asset to any organisation. Whether you’re looking for a student to help you part-time around their studies, a short-term intern, a year-long placement student, or a graduate ready for their next challenge – let us know the opportunity and we’ll help you find the right candidate.

Placements and internships

We encourage our students to get real-life work experience during their studies, via short-term internships or year-long placements. Could your organisation benefit from an extra pair of hands, someone with a fresh perspective, or a boost of new skills?

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Part-time jobs

If you’re looking for some additional support, our students are often looking for local jobs that they can undertake part-time around their studies.

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If you’re a charity or not-for-profit organisation we can help to share volunteering opportunities within our student community.

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Graduate jobs

Each year we have thousands of students graduating from a wide range of courses, and they’re often energetically looking for a graduate scheme or graduate level job in which they can put their knowledge into practice.

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Case studies