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Congratulations, you have now completed your programme and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Edge Hill University for the conferral of your award.

Please take the time to read the information so that you and your guests are familiar with what you need to do to ensure that your day runs smoothly. I must stress that it is important that you adhere to the deadlines outlined in this guide as failure to do so may result in you being prevented from attending your ceremony.

Additional guest tickets for the ceremonies have been allocated where possible. Unfortunately, I have not been able to accommodate all requests. However, if you would like to share your ceremony with additional guests, ceremonies can be viewed live at and a live screening of the ceremony will take place on campus.

I look forward to seeing you and your guests at your ceremony.

Best wishes,

Gill Ledgerton
Head of Academic Registry

Pre-Ceremony: advance information


Tickets for yourself and your two guests will be issued when you register.

Those graduands who ordered 1-2 guest tickets have automatically been allocated these. Those graduands who ordered more than two guest tickets should have received an email confirming the number of guest tickets allocated. Please check the email account you used to register for details.

You will also receive a ticket for your complimentary picnic hamper. It’s important that you retain this ticket as you will be asked to present this to collect your hamper after your ceremony.

Photography studios

Marston Events Photographers will be available to take your individual portrait and photographs of you and your guests. Pre-booking is not required.

Photography studios are open from two hours prior to your ceremony. Don’t worry if you do not have time prior to the ceremony as the photographers will also be available until one hour after the last ceremony.

Please note that the photography studios are busiest in the hour before the ceremony starts.

Staff will be on hand to answer any queries and you can view the packages available online.

Ceremony screening

If you have additional guests (not included in your ticket allocation) they are welcome to watch a live screening of the ceremony on campus. The ceremony will be screened live in the Faculty of Education (Lakeside) building and outside in the Rock Garden near to the Arts Centre.

Tickets for the indoor screening room can be requested on the day from the registration desk and the venue will be filled on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. You do not need to book these tickets in advance.

If you are relying on using this service it is advisable to arrive at the campus at least two hours in advance of your ceremony. Guests with babies or young children may wish to watch the ceremony in the screening room, which is a more relaxed environment for young guests.

Please note, it is not necessary for all your guests to be present at the time of registration.

All ceremonies will also be broadcast live on the internet at for family and friends to watch from home.

Post ceremony refreshments

Following on from your ceremony there will be a complimentary picnic hamper provided for you and your two guaranteed guests in The Hub, which is just a few moments’ walk from the ceremony venue (directions can be found on the map you received through the post). The reception will last for one hour and we hope that you, and your guests, will join us to celebrate your special day.

You will need to present the hamper ticket you received when you registered to exchange for your picnic hamper.

Mobility issues

A buggy service for those with mobility issues will be available on campus. Please ask a member of staff on the day if you require assistance. Accessible parking will be available on the day. Please contact the Assessment & Awards Team for more information.

What to wear

Although you will be provided with your academic gowns on the day, you should also prepare a suitable outfit to wear underneath your robe. There isn’t a specific dress code, however graduands and their guests should dress as for a formal occasion. For practical reasons, it is recommended that all graduands wear garments with buttons on the front, as this will make it easier for your academic hood to rest. You should also bear in mind that as a graduand you will have to walk up and down steps in order to process and therefore we recommend that suitable footwear is worn.

Alternative arrangements will be made for those who cannot use steps, providing that this was indicated on your application form. If you did not indicate this on your application form you must advise the Assessment & Awards Team immediately by emailing

Health and safety measures

Your safety is our priority. We would ask that anyone who has Covid-19 symptoms or who has tested positive for Covid does not attend the graduation ceremonies.

Graduation route map

Graduation route map - annotated direction accompany this image.
Click map to view full-size image
  1. You should proceed from the main car park to the Sports Centre for registration and robing.
  2. Photos are taken in the Sports Centre.
  3. You should then proceed to the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine for the graduation ceremony.
  4. The outdoor guest live screening will take place in the Rock Garden.
  5. The indoor guest live screening will take place in the Faculty of Education (Lakeside).
  6. Following the ceremony, you can collect your picnic hamper from the Hub to enjoy on campus or take home.
  7. You can also find the Alumni stand in the Hub.
  8. Return your robe in the Sports Centre.
  9. Return to the car park, along the main boulevard just past Creative Edge.


Register and collect your robes

Registration opens two hours before each ceremony. Please ensure you register at least one hour before your ceremony starts.


Get your photos taken

Official photography will be available throughout all the graduation days in the Sports Centre. There’s no need to book – just make sure you allow plenty of time to get your ceremony in time.


Attend the ceremony

No later than 30 minutes before the ceremony begins, you and your guests need to take your seats in the theatre in the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine.



After your ceremony, collect your picnic hamper from the Hub to enjoy on campus (you are welcome to sit on any of the grassed areas including the front lawns). You can also take your picnic box home if you prefer.

Don’t forget:

  • Register at least one hour before your ceremony begins.
  • Doors to the theatre close 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.

Graduation day itinerary


Academic dress collection


Queue for Registration Closes

Door to theatre open

Indoor guest live screening

Outdoor guest live screening

Doors to the theatre close

The ceremony

After the ceremony

Your ceremony: useful information

Your belongings

Please ensure that any bags that you bring can fit comfortably on your knee or under your chair. Belongings must be removed from all aisles in the venue to ensure that they do not obstruct those graduating/processing.

Use of images

Your graduation is a special day for you, your family and friends.

As not all of your family and friends can attend the ceremony in person, the ceremonies are photographed, filmed and broadcast live on the web. We also post footage on the University website and You Tube channel after each ceremony. Ceremony films are archived securely and indefinitely for future reference.

All graduands and guests should be aware that they may feature in ceremony footage. By registering to take part in your graduation ceremony and by accepting guest tickets, you are giving permission for your image to be photographed and recorded.

The University may use the photographs and footage from graduation ceremonies for our media and publications.


Certificates are not issued at the ceremony. If you have not already received your certificate it will be posted to your home address, by the end of September.


Guests’ seats will not be numbered and guests choose seating in the theatre on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats will be reserved for guests (within your two-ticket allocation) who are in wheelchairs or with special requirements providing this was indicated on your application form.

If any of your guests have special requirements but you did not indicate this on your application form you must contact a member of the Assessment & Awards Team by emailing as soon as possible.

Please Note: Dogs are not allowed on campus, with the exception of guide dogs.

Your role in the ceremony

When you collect your tickets on the day, you will be advised of the specific seat reserved for you, based on what you have studied and your surname. It is extremely important that you sit in your reserved seat. Staff will be on hand to ensure that you know where your seat is and to check that all students are correctly seated. When all students and guests are seated and the ceremony is about to begin, everyone will be asked to stand. There will then be a fanfare of trumpets and the ceremony will formally open with the entrance of the Academic Procession.

The ceremony will begin with an opening address and this may be followed by the presentation of an honorary award. Following the opening speeches, ushers will indicate for the first student to be presented to the Reader. The first student’s name will be announced by the Reader and this student will process across a red carpet, be greeted by the Presiding Officer and then return to their seat. Each subsequent student will follow. The Reader will know to announce your name when you are presented as they will have a pre-prepared list based on the seat you are in. This is why it is so important for you to sit in the correct seat.

If you wish to shake hands with the Presiding Officer when you walk across the red carpet they will be very happy to do so. However, if you would prefer to do an elbow touch, fist bump or just a nod of the head, they will be equally happy to do that and will take their lead from you on the day.

There will be a number of ushers who will make sure you know exactly what to do during the ceremony. They will be on standby to point you in the right direction if you want to know anything during the ceremony.

Toward the end of the ceremony, the Presiding Officer will ask all students to stand so that your award can be conferred. After this, your formal role in the ceremony is over and you can sit back and relax!

Mobile phones

Please ensure that all mobile phones are switched off so that they do not interfere with the ceremony.

During the ceremony

Your graduation ceremony is a formal occasion and takes place in an intimate venue, where sound carries very easily. Therefore, we ask that all graduands display respectful conduct, befitting the occasion, while your fellow graduands are being presented for their awards.

Tips for a smooth day


Register at least one hour before your ceremony starts.

Edge Hill University Sports Centre building
The Sports Centre


Collect your robes following registration.

Edge Hill University Sports Centre building
The Sports Centre


When you’ve registered, go to the Sports Centre for your photographs.

Edge Hill University Sports Centre building
The Sports Centre


Arrive at the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine for your ceremony with at least 30 minutes to spare. Don’t forget we close the doors 30 minutes before the start time.

Exterior of the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine building. The reflection of the building is on the surface of the lake with the lake reeds framing the building.
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine


Enjoy your ceremony!

Exterior of the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine building. The reflection of the building is on the surface of the lake with the lake reeds framing the building.
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine


Afterwards, join us in the Hub to collect your picnic hamper.

An image of "The Hub" building on the Edge Hill University campus.
The Hub


If you didn’t have chance to visit the photography studios earlier, pop over to the Sports Centre following your ceremony.

Edge Hill University Sports Centre building
The Sports Centre


Return your robes to the Sports Centre.

Edge Hill University Sports Centre building
The Sports Centre

What to do when you are presented


Prior to the start of the ceremony, an usher will demonstrate exactly what you need to do and the path you should follow when you are presented.


Following the opening speeches, Ushers will indicate for you to stand and guide you to line up in preparation of your presentation.


Shortly before you are due to be presented the Lead Usher will ask you to confirm your name to ensure that you are in the correct order. Please retain your ticket. Do not give your ticket to the Ushers.


When the lead usher indicates for you to do so, you should walk all the way to the edge of the red carpet and wait.


Once the presenter announces your name, you will then process across the red carpet to the presiding officer, who will greet you and shake your hand.


You will then continue to walk along the red carpet and return to your seat (following the path demonstrated by the usher prior to the start of the ceremony).

Please visit the toilet before entering the theatre. Once the theatre doors close, 30 minutes before the ceremony starts, you will not be permitted to exit until the ceremony finishes.

Graduation is just the beginning

Your association with the University does not end now that you have graduated – you are now part of the Edge Hill Alumni community.

Our Alumni are extremely important to us and we’ll continue to support you after graduation.

Some of the benefits you are entitled to include:

  • Postgraduate fee discounts
  • Careers support for three years
  • Discounted Sports Centre membership
  • Free library and online journal access
  • Alumni newsletter
  • Access to EHU Connect, our Alumni networking platform
  • Invitations to networking events, lectures and conferences
  • Visit our alumni stand in The Hub to find out about the benefits of joining our alumni network. We’d love to keep in touch with you after graduation too, please see our Alumni pages for more details.


General enquiries

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