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Change of module form

This module change form can be completed by either the student or academic/department staff – only fill out the sections that apply to you.

Please refer to module guidance before submitting this form

Student declaration

All students requesting a change of module must read and agree to the declaration below:

I understand that:

  • my request is subject to approval by my department
  • changing modules does not constitute grounds for an extension or an personal circumstances application
  • as a part time student, by changing module(s) this may alter my tuition fees

I accept that it is my responsibility to:

  • ensure that I am registered for the correct modules, and that they comply with information provided in the Programme Handbook (available from Blackboard), for the overall scheme (major/minor/joint)
  • catch up on academic work that has already taken place, if necessary to undertake additional work if advised by my tutors
  • make it known to my tutor or head of department if I have special requirements due to disability or impairment
  • attend online sessions if there is no face-to-face capacity


Disclosing a disability is a personal decision and we understand that you may want to keep it confidential.  Even if you have not already disclosed your disability, we encourage you to do so. We can offer support and/or reasonable adjustments to help you participate fully in the module changes process and can reassure you of confidentiality throughout. 


We are committed to ensuring compliance with current data protection legislation. We confirm that all data collected is used fairly, stored safely and is not disclosed to any other person unlawfully. Edge Hill is a data controller and, in some instances, may process this data.

How we use your personal data