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Part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are a fantastic way to earn extra money while you’re studying. Not to mention you will gain work experience, develop skills and meet new people. All of this will help you stand out from the crowd.

Many students successfully combine their studies with part-time work. And the best part is that your part-time work does not need to be related to your degree. Whether it’s a part-time Christmas role, working in retail or hospitality, or a bar or office, it’s all about developing skills and experience to enhance your CV.

What type of part-time job can I get?

Careers are here to help you find part-time jobs, whether they be on campus, in the local community or further afield, we are here to support you. Use the sections below to help you to find a job that’s perfect for you.

Edge Hill recommends students work no more than 16-20 hours per week in order to achieve a good balance between your studies and other commitments, including a part-time job. If you are currently working part-time and struggling to manage your time, you may benefit from speaking to a member of Careers team, book an appointment.

Where can I look for a part-time job?

Careers Portal

Our Careers Portal advertises many different types of opportunities, including part-time roles suitable for students. Many employers advertise part-time roles suitable for students on our Careers Portal. Roles include hospitality and catering positions in hotels, restaurant and bar work, support roles within the community, customer service and retail opportunities, warehouse work and office and admin roles within HR companies and solicitors to name a few.

Use the link and login with your normal Edge Hill details to search the part-time jobs currently on offer.

Search for part-time jobs

Jobs on campus

There are various opportunities to work on campus. Most of these opportunities are advertised from September until mid-October, giving all students the chance to apply. Roles include Student Guides and Ambassadors, roles within the Edge Hill Students’ Union or even working with Edge Hill Sport.

Our Employment Advisers are here to help you with your CV and applications. You can submit your CV or application for feedback via our Ask a Question tool or you can book a Getting Started with CVs appointment.

Please note new students will only be able to access this facility after all enrolment procedures have been completed by the University.

Other places to look for part-time jobs

  • Take a look at the vacancy sections on websites for shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants to find vacancies you can apply for.
  • Go to your local town centre to see if any employers are taking on additional staff as many of these roles are not advertised online. Make sure you have updated copies of your CV with you.
  • Find work via social media:
  • Use online job boards such as the UK Government Job Search Portal – Find a Job and also boards dedicated to advertising jobs for students – Student Job & Save The Student
  • And finally, online via generic job boards – Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs, CV Library and Google Jobs – are great places to search for part-time jobs.

CVs for part-time jobs

Employers say that you only have ten seconds to make a good impression with your CV so here are some basic rules to follow when writing your CV for a part-time job.

Tips for part-time job CVs

Can I get a part-time job related to my degree?

Some major companies may offer part-time job opportunities to students relevant to your degree. However, even though a part-time job may not be what you want to do after graduation, it will help you develop valuable skills for your future career

There are a few places you could try to get degree-specific part-time jobs, such as in marketing or healthcare:

  • Try further afield in Liverpool or other big cities as there’s likely to be more opportunities here
  • Research the big employers including NHS, central and local government
  • Sometimes LinkedIn advertises specific opportunities

It may be worth considering other opportunities that would allow you to develop your skills and gain experience in the area you are interested in, such as:

Extra Edge Award

Alongside developing and enhancing your skills, you could use your part-time job, alongside additional extracurricular activities, to earn yourself an Extra Edge Award. The Extra Edge Award helps you to stand out from the crowd and increases your chances of success by recognising the skills you are developing throughout your time at Edge Hill.

Find out more about our Extra Edge Award.


If you are an employer and wish to advertise a vacancy, please contact our Employer Engagement team.

Need more help?

Contact the Careers team via Ask A Question or book a Getting Started with part-time jobs appointment.

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