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Employability awards

It is important to develop your transferable skills and get some practical experience to make yourself more employable.  Get involved in our Employability Awards to help you gain the experience you need to make you stand out to future employers.

Extra Edge

This employability programme helps you stand out from the crowd and increases your chances of success. Extra Edge rewards you for the work you do for your current, or future, voluntary or part-time work. Choose from an additional range of activities that will help you gain and develop new skills. You can join Extra Edge in any year of your degree.

Extra Edge is like your portable CV which will help you track the skills you are developing throughout your time at university and will help make the process of applying for opportunities in the future easier.

This certificate is about what works for you, and we will support you at each step.

Challenge yourself, try something new and gain the Extra Edge.

Volunteering and part-time work

Do you want to build up your work experience and develop the skills that employers are looking for? If you are currently volunteering or working part-time, or are planning to do so, the Extra Edge Certificate recognises the work you will be doing and the skills you are developing and those gained through taking part in Student life.

What are the different levels of Extra Edge?

There are four levels to Extra Edge and on each level you will earn 100 points. If you are new to Extra Edge we will ask you to start at Bronze level and progress at your own pace.

  • Bronze = 100 points
  • Silver = 200 points
  • Gold = 300 points
  • Platinum = 400 points

Students in any year group can join and all students new to Extra Edge will start at the Bronze level. You can participate throughout your student journey with some activities are specific to year groups.

What activities count towards extra edge?

Participate in activities suitable for you:

  • Volunteering,
  • Part-time work,
  • Join and/or leading societies,
  • Take part in sport,
  • Taking part in UniSkills,
  • Attending Campus Life sessions,
  • Events on campus and nationally, for example, diversity and sustainability,
  • When you ask for Careers help when applying for voluntary roles, part-time jobs, summer internships, sandwich placements and graduate roles,
  • Engage with the employers and organisations at a range of virtual and in-person webinars and Careers events

We will ask you to log your activities and then reflect on the transferable skills you have gained from each activity. Careers staff will provide feedback for you after each reflection and award you points.

How do I sign up?

Complete the “Expressions of Interest” form and one of our staff will get back to you with more information and the registration form for you to complete. When you’re ready you can start earning points!

We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Register your interest

Careers Awards

The 2021 Careers Awards took place virtually this year on Tuesday 27 April 2021. We would like to congratulate all of those receiving nominations and awards and we hope you enjoyed the evening.

Edge Hill University recognises employability as an essential component of students’ experience, and Careers, with departments from across the whole University, play a vital role in ensuring that our graduates are well prepared to succeed in a competitive labour market.

Every year, the Careers Awards provide an opportunity to recognise the progress and achievements that students have made in developing their ability to stand out from the crowd. It is also a chance to say thank you to some of the employers, departments and organisations who work in partnership with us, helping our students develop their skills and increase their confidence.