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Developing skills and experience

University is an exciting time of self discovery with diverse opportunities to explore and develop your skills, hobbies and interests. Employers rate experience very highly and often prefer applicants who have experience in a variety of different areas. Use the links below to help you explore and enhance your skills during your time at Edge Hill University.

During your time as an Edge Hill student, there are many ways in which you can build those all-important transferable skills that employers are looking for. Skills like teamwork, communication, organisation, problem solving and working under pressure can all be developed through a variety of extracurricular opportunities outside of your course.

The best place to find out about all of the opportunities available to you during your time as a student is the career enhancing opportunities page. This dedicated page will give you more information about opportunities such as:

If you would like to develop your skills further, Target Jobs has a great resource focused on career-friendly activities you can do while social distancing.

Opportunities for you

Things you should know

Graduates First

Edge Hill Careers subscribe to a tool called Graduates First which allows you to practice a range of psychometric and personality tests commonly used by employers as part of the recruitment and selection process.

Registering as a graduate to use Graduates First

If you are a recent graduate from Edge Hill University, to gain access to Graduates First please send us an email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your student number
  • Your year of graduation
  • Your current email address

We will then be able to set you up on the system. We will reply to your email once your account has been created and you will also receive a confirmation email from Graduates First.

Login to Graduates First

Workshops and events

Throughout the academic year, the Careers team organise a variety of workshops and events which are open to both current students and our recent graduates. These include Careers Fairs, CV Workshops, Graduate Masterclasses, Information sessions, Employer presentations and much more.

Have a look at our events pages to find out what is coming up and book your place.

Upcoming careers events

For sessions that aren’t delivered using MS Teams, you can access live captions during sessions by installing Caption.Ed on your device. To request your free Caption.Ed account, email inclusiont[email protected]. If you have other learning requirements which may not be met solely by captioning, please do get in touch with the Inclusion Team.