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Accommodation assistance

We provide the opportunity for trainees to return home or to reside with family or friends for their Professional Practice Placement. This could be a location in the wider North West, elsewhere in England or occasionally outside England (such as Northern Ireland, Isle of Man or Wales). Find out more about the Accommodation Assistance packages available to you.

Accommodation Assistance is a term used for the funding that is provided to trainees who are paying for accommodation near to the University campus, but who relocate for the duration of their Professional Practice Placement. The funding is intended to support costs that are above and beyond a trainee’s existing commitment and is not intended as a reimbursement of accommodation fees.

This is bespoke package of support that is conditional on a number of factors. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed and is subject to approval prior to placement.

To be considered for this, trainees must have declared both their term time address and their alternative address (be this home or elsewhere) on their Student Allocation Profile (SAP).

Accommodation Assistance will not normally be considered for trainees who are allocated a placement that could be accessed within the travel policy time/ mileage guidelines from their term time address.

What is the Accommodation Assistance package?

  • Set rate of £60 per week of placement (as evidenced by an attendance record).
  • Reimbursement of relocation travel costs for the start and end of placement and for any relocation travel for half term or end of term breaks.

Key benefits of relocating under the Accommodation Assistance opportunity:

  • Create connections in the area the trainee is seeking employment.
  • Attend placement in an area the trainee is familiar/ comfortable with.
  • Have the support of family/ friends during their placement.
  • Generally, receive a closer placement than if placed within the catchment area of Edge Hill University.

What is the process?

  • Trainee identifies details of their alternative address (home/ elsewhere) and ability to relocate within their Student Allocation Profile.
  • If the school allocated requires the trainee to relocate the Partnership Development Team will devise a business case internally, pre-placement, to request the approval of funding.
  • Trainees are emailed confirmation of their eligibility to claim Accommodation Assistance shortly after receiving their allocation details.
  • Following each period of attendance (normally a minimum of a week), trainees can complete a claim form to request funding for the period attended to date.
  • Claim forms and supporting evidence, including an approved attendance record, are emailed to the Faculty of Education Student Claims Team.

The Faculty of Education Student Claims Team can be contacted at:

Full terms and conditions are set out in the Travel and Accommodation Policy on Learning Edge.

Travel and Accommodation Policy on Learning Edge