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Professional practice information

Welcome to our Initial Teacher Education (ITE) professional practice information page. At Edge Hill University ITE, we put our trainees’ progress and wellbeing at the centre of everything we do. Our provision offers high quality teacher training and academic standards and a significant part of this takes place at our local and regional partner schools and educational settings.

We’ve been training teachers for over 135 years, so we have very strong roots and experience in developing effective teachers. Our aim is to provide our trainees with:

  • high-quality support and guidance
  • high-quality mentoring
  • rigorous and robust quality assurance (QA) of assessment and the mentoring process
  • rigorous and robust QA of the placement processes
  • equitability between the programmes and across the departments
  • consistency in process, procedures and documentation across the partnership

Follow the links below for more professional practice information. We will support all our mentors as well as our trainees to succeed in their roles and utilise their feedback to refine our ITE curriculum accordingly.