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At Edge Hill University, we are here to help. From budgeting workshops, to one-on-one appointments, to student discounts, there is a range of support in place if you are worried or concerned about managing your living costs.

Managing your finances

Shopping second-hand can help reduce the price on high-end goods so that you don’t have to miss out. Preparing a meal plan can ensure that you stick to your weekly budget and save on spends.

Prepare a budget plan
Cut your food costs
Use student discounts
Reduce your utility bills
Shop and sell second-hand

If you are in need of further support, contact the Money Advice team, or book an online appointment.

Boosting your income while you study

The best way to top up your income is working alongside your studies. Managed by the Careers Team, the Careers Vacancy Portal houses a range of resources to help you find part-time work.

And you don’t have to leave campus to find great job opportunities. Many of our students support campus teams by working as student guides, student mentors, and student bloggers. We also need students to fill other roles such as lifeguards at The Sports Centre and customer service assistants in the various food and drink outlets across campus.

Some departments employ their students for paid research internships to help academics with their latest projects.

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