Accommodation Team

The Accommodation Team is based in the Student Information Centre (SIC) and operates on a ‘drop-in’ basis at the following times:

Monday 08.45-18.00
Tuesday 12.00-18.00
Wednesday 08.45-18.00
Thursday 12.00-18.00
Friday 08.45-17.00

It operates a broad and varied service provision, including:

  • Offering advice and guidance to prospective students at Open Days and Visit Days and via Facebook and Twitter
  • Allocating rooms
  • Offering a comprehensive support infrastructure on campus via our dedicated Hall Support Team
  • Providing advice on off campus housing issues
  • Managing disciplinary and support matters
  • Dealing with off campus residential complaints
  • Liaising with important external agencies
  • Working with other internal departments to enhance the student experience

Meet the Team

Kate McAdam – Head of Accommodation Services
Neil Dixon – Senior Accommodation Officer
David Coffey – Accommodation Officer
Karen Jones – Accommodation Officer
Richard Pugh – Accommodation Officer
Jan Harvey – Accommodation Administrator
Michelle Bennett – Accommodation Administrator

Telephone: 01695 584 200

The Halls Support Team is comprised of five Residential Hall Managers who work on a rota basis from 17.00-08.45 each day and six Night Support Officers who work on a rota basis from 21.00-07.00 each day. This includes weekends.

The Halls Support Team helps to manage the 58 halls on campus and offers proactive and reactive support to residential students. This includes:

*Holding talks for each hall on arrival in September as part of the induction process
*Providing relevant information and support to students in halls
*Monitoring student behaviour
*Organising hall meetings
*Managing disciplinary and support matters
*Responding to urgent and non-urgent issues raised
*Conducting nightly patrols of campus
*Working closely with a team of sixteen Student Assistants to provide a visible and supportive presence in halls

The Team

Shahida Ahmed– Residential Hall Manager
David Coffey – Residential Hall Manager
Neil Dixon– Residential Hall Manager
Dave Praties– Residential Hall Manager
Louise Westhead– Residential Hall Manager

Paul Chandley – Night Support Officer
Darran Evans– Night Support Officer
Mike Harvey– Night Support Officer
Ian Macadam– Night Support Officer

Telephone: 07717815685 – Residential Hall Managers
07785930068– Night Support Officers
07785928911– Night Support Officers

Student Assistants

The Resident Hall Managers and Night Support Officers also work alongside a team of Student Assistants to support resident students. The Resident Hall Managers work Monday-Friday 17.00 to 08.45 and Friday 17.00 until Monday 08.45.

Student Assistants (SAs) are available to provide help and information to residential students.  When you arrive in halls your Student Assistant will introduce themselves to you and give you information about how to contact him/her.

Please make an effort to get to know your Student Assistant and attend all meetings arranged.

Alex Messenger, the Student Services Engagement Assistant, is here to help you make the most of your time with us at Edge Hill University. He can help you to feel a part of the community and find the events you want to be at.

Over the year Alex will be hosting and promoting a variety of activities on and off campus (such as; football tournaments, film nights, talent shows, shopping trips and seasonal events), and can point you in the direction of anything and everything you will be interested in, as well as offer friendly advice and support about student life.

To keep up to date on upcoming events, follow on Facebook:

For more details feel free to email, phone/text, or pop into the SIC.

Phone: 07825 144 363

Alex is available Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 in the Student Information Centre.

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