Exceptional mitigating circumstances

Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances

See all EMCs relating to Covid-19 Coronavirus.

If you do not submit work on time or present for an examination or timed assessment, you must have experienced serious or exceptional circumstances to account for this.

In general, this relates to illness or sudden changes in your personal circumstances over which you had no control.

If this applies to you, please contact your programme/module tutor in the first instance to discuss the situation.

All programmes have their own procedures for considering mitigating circumstances and will accommodate you wherever possible. For example, they can extend submission deadlines or make alternative arrangements for local tests so that you are not disadvantaged.

The exceptional mitigating circumstances (EMC) scheme exists for those occasions where, even with the use of the local procedures described above, you have outstanding requirements at the time a module is due to finish.

You must have a strong justification for being in this position.

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More details are available in the student guide  EMC – An Overview for Students. There is also a printed booklet available.

The EMC application form is available here EMC Form.

For the full version of the EMC scheme, please refer to  Academic Regulations.

Deadline dates for submitting EMC applications differ across faculties.  Dates for each faculty are found here; EMC-deadlines-Academic-year-19-20

Please note, these dates have been updated on 30 April 2020 in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. See the Coronavirus FAQ page for further information https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/coronavirus-faq/.

Please note: the deadline for all EMC applications is 5pm.

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