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Key points to note:

  • It is your responsibility to submit coursework assessments on time
  • You must make an application for an extension in advance of an assessment’s due deadline
  • We offer you the opportunity for reassessment should you fail an academic module


Your module/year of study leader sets and publishes assessment deadlines.

It is your responsibility to submit work by the correct deadline, in the correct place and format.

For written assessments, at the scheduled first sitting, the University will accept Late Submissions where the submission is received within five working days of the original deadline (aside from where PSRB requirements preclude this). Late Submissions will be subject to the normal capped mark for reassessment.

Work handed in late without approval through a Deferral, Extension or authorised Late Submission will be marked at zero.

Any referred or deferred assessments must also meet set deadlines – these are normally in August. Your end of year online results transcript includes the resubmission dates for your specific assessments.


You will be expected to adhere to the submission deadlines for all forms of assessment. However, each programme has at least one nominated tutor who has the authority to agree extensions. Details of the nominated tutor for your programme are in the departmental handbook or at your departmental office.

Should you experience difficulties that affect your ability to submit work, it is your responsibility to contact the relevant tutor as soon as possible to discuss your position and possible options.

All policies are guided by the University’s common principles. These include expectations that:

  • You will meet all deadlines for submitting coursework, unless there are valid reasons why this is not possible
  • You make any extension applications in advance of the assessment’s due deadline, as specified by the department
  • All applications for an extension are, wherever possible, accompanied by documentary evidence

We do not grant extensions where the circumstances are due to your own negligence, carelessness or failure to plan appropriately.

Please note: at specified times of the year, in particular during end of year result considerations, we may not be able to offer an extension.   In such cases, please consult the guidance on  exceptional mitigating circumstances (EMC).


Failure to submit an assessment without good reason (see exceptional mitigating circumstances) results in a zero mark.

We offer you one reassessment opportunity if you are unsuccessful in any of your academic modules during the year. Reassessments take place during a specified period – normally in August.

The University has the discretion to offer a second, final, attempt at the module, if your first reassessment is unsuccessful. 

Please note: you will be failed if your second attempt is also unsuccessful.

We cap reassessment marks at 40%.

The nature and timing of reassessment is at the discretion of the relevant assessment board.  Assessment boards can also exercise discretion in light of an individual student’s overall profile and evidence of engagement with studies during the year.

Further details of the nature and timing of your reassessment are available with your end of year results.

Wednesday afternoon teaching

At Edge Hill we recognise the great value of student participation in activities that are complementary to academic study; including sport, volunteering and other extra-curricular engagement.

In common with other UK universities and colleges, Edge Hill reserves Wednesday afternoons  as a common period for extra-curricular activities. As a result, we try to limit teaching hours on Wednesday afternoons. Exceptions are:

  • teaching which absolutely must be held during this block 
  • optional modules
  • teaching that is also available elsewhere on the timetable

If your extra-curricular activity clashes with a scheduled Wednesday afternoon teaching session, we will accommodate you wherever possible.

You must consult your module leader at the earliest opportunity so that they can make appropriate arrangements to accommodate your absence.  If your absence compromises any externally-controlled element of your programme, we will try to ensure you have the opportunity to catch up on any sessions missed.

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