A student inspects artist printsGraduating in the performing arts does not always have to mean working as a professional artist. Graduates in performing arts subjects are usually characterised by self confidence, high levels of presentation skills and excellent collaborative ability, so they can transfer their skills to a range of careers very effectively. Performing Arts graduates are usually good at communicating and working with people, and are often in demand in business, teaching, and service industries.

Of course, many wish to continue working in the arts and move on to be performers, directors, choreographers or designers. While a significant number choose to go into arts education and will work as workshop leaders and facilitators. Our degree programmes are designed to make students aware of a full range of possibilities in their chosen subject, including self employment. We seek to encourage the self aware and reflective practitioner. This involves the development of a skills portfolio and graduate CV. Students are asked to reflect upon their learning at each assessment point and summarise their development annually. This on-going process is supported by a range of careers presentations and workshops. The University also has an excellent careers centre and students have a number of opportunities to attend careers fairs and receive individual support.

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