As a student at Edge Hill University you will be bound by a number of Regulations, Rules, Codes, Conditions and Policies and agree to comply with the provisions of them.

This page provides details of and links to all documents which form part of the terms of your agreement with the University. The Regulations, Rules, Codes, Conditions and Policies published are relevant to the current Academic Year and were correct at the date of publication. These may on occasions by adjusted to reflect changes in legislation and external guidelines or as the result of the University’s experience and views on best practice.

Any changes will be subject to consultation with the Edge Hill Students Union in line with the University Student Communication Plan. No changes will be made to Terms and Conditions which are considered detrimental to students. Updates will take place on an annual basis and will be published in the September of each academic session. A briefing note for students will be provided to outline any changes and this page will always display an accurate version of the Regulations, Rules, Codes, Conditions and Policies.


Academic Regulations, Appendices

Students starting in 2019-20

Students starting in 2018-19

Students starting in 2017-18